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   Chapter 35 Harionago

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Updated: 2017-12-19 18:25

You are walking down a lonely road at night, when something in the shadows catches your eye. A beautiful girl with long hair looks over at you and flashes you a welcoming smile. Should you smile back?

Apparently, according the the legend of the Harionago, perhaps you should just keep walking.

A Harionago is a stunningly attractive woman with long hair and a few tricks up her sleeve. Her name stands for "hook woman", and she is also known as a Hari-onna. Her hair may seem normal, but upon closer inspection, the tips form sharp hooks and barbs. She has the ability to manipulate her hair into writhing tentacles that can snake out and attack her desired victim.

She stalks the night, looking for a victim. She usually hunts for young males much more than females, possibly because she believes they are easier to seduce and trick. She usually travels among empty roads and backstreets in Japan so nobody can intervene her plans.

Whether she is lingering around the area or simply passing by, once she spots a young man all alone, she"ll simply smile at them. The man will usually smile back, being friendly to the beautiful woman- but that is how they fall into her trap.

If they

conds. But even with such a short distance, he could hear her rushing behind him, her hair rising up into the air with unbelievable speed. He bolted into his house and shut the door, locking it behind him. Trembling with fear, he sat behind the door and waited until dawn. He could hear the Harionago yelling and pounding on the door, trying to get past the door.

When it was morning, he finally gained enough courage to open the door. As the door creaked open, the Harionago was gone... but on his door frame were now hundreds of deep scratches.

So, if you see your crush flash you a grin, should you smile back? Sure, go for it, just try not to creep them out. If you see a woman stalking out of the shadows at night, however, perhaps you shouldn"t smile. It may just cost you your life.

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