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   Chapter 34 Hone-Onna

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Updated: 2017-12-19 18:25

A Hone-onna is an attractive woman that just wants to spend some time with you... or at least that"s what it seems to be. In their disguise, they are gorgeous; they have have smooth, doll-like skin and wear a beautiful kimono- but in reality, they are a skeleton yōkai that trick men in order to steal their soul.

Typically at a gathering, a Hone-onna will wait until she sees the perfect victim. Then, she goes up to him and flirts, while also having a bit of small talk along the way so she can deceive him. After some time passes, she will attempt to lure him to a spot of her choosing. If successful, she will start seduce him and convince him to undress her. But once he starts to remove her clothing, he finds that underneath the kimono is nothing but bone decorated by flesh. By the time he realizes that he has made a terrible mistake, she embraces him and sucks away his life and soul.

People that are unclouded by love and have no care for it can see through her illusion, along with people t

then it is much harder for them to be saved. I know, you may be wondering, "Why would they not want to be saved?" Think of it this way: The lover used to be deeply in love with this woman, and they formed a strong bond of trust and care before her death. So, when the lover sees his beautiful spouse, it may cause him to ignore the truth in fear of never seeing her again, even if it means death. It"s kind of like an extreme version of the cliche "Love makes you do crazy things."

Overall, if your lover passes away and then starts showing up as a ghost in your bedroom each night, you should tell someone- or maybe even call Ghostbusters- instead of ignoring it.

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