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   Chapter 33 Bake-Neko

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This urban legend is about a cute little cat... or at least that"s what it is at first.

A Demon Cat, or a Bake-neko is a spiritual creature featured in much of Japanese folklore. It is an ordinary cat that was transformed into a yōkai. It is said that when a cat lives to an old age, it slowly begins to develop supernatural powers and becomes a Bake-neko. As their powers increase, they get larger, and can grow to about the size of a full grown human.

The name it got, Bake-neko, means "Monster Cat" or "Transforming Cat". This is due to the superstition that these demonic cats can shapeshift and take the form of a human. Along with this ability, it is said to be able to walk on two legs and have enormous arms that reach through doorways. It can also steal the identities of humans. How does it do this? By devouring the human, and then shape shifting into their victim afterwards. This leads many people to believe that you can be living among these monster felines without even knowing it.

It is also believed that an owner can have a Bake-neko without even knowing, since they can look identical to normal house cats. This can cause the owner to be in great danger, because Bake-nekos can easily eat their owner and shape shift into them, taking their identity.

It is not said that all cats can become Bake-nekos, and only certain cats do. Many of them can get their powers from curses or magic, but a natural Bake-neko is said to come from a cat living over 13 years, weighing over 8 pounds, and licking up large quantities lamp oil. The lamp oil is because people back then used to believe that you could tell if the cat was a Bake-neko if it licked oil from an oriental lamp. However, the cats at the time probably were attracted to the fish and sardine oil, which caused them to try licking it every now and then.

There is a famous story about a Bake-neko, called "The Devil Cat of Nabeshima". It goes like this:

On night, a prince was walking in the palace gardens with h

about the account, and the prince was bewildered. Before he could say anything, the palace gardener entered the room, and gave horrible news; he found the body of the real O Toyo under the flower beds. Grief stricken, the prince ordered every guard to hunt for the Bake-neko that murdered his love. After a few days went by, it was finally killed by the soldier that originally discovered its evil secret.

A main reason that many cats out there are seen as yōkai such as the Bake-neko may have to do with the appearance that they have. Similar to snakes and foxes, their illusive habits cause people to see them as mysterious, and possibly even supernatural. An example of how they seem off is how their irises change shape, and how they can be extremely quiet at times. Also, they have been seen licking blood, are nocturnal, and have sharp claws and fangs. This gives the impression that they have dark abilities, which is most likely why Japanese people, while writing folklore and legends, could not help but think of a sly and crafty cat as one.

Either way, this is definitely an interesting one. They"re mentioned quite frequently in certain Japanese folklore and legends, especially anything involving felines. Maybe you cat lovers out there will enjoy this one- unless you think you own a Bake-neko yourself, that is.

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