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   Chapter 32 Betobeto-San

Creepy Japanese Urban Legends By SchoolRainbow Characters: 2899

Updated: 2017-12-19 18:24

This urban legend is about a sound-related yōkai named Betobeto-san. It got its name from how the sound it makes is similar wooden clog shoes stepping on a hard street, making a "beto beto" sound. It"s kind of like how Teke-Teke got her name because of the "teke teke" sound she makes when she crawls around. From the way Betobeto-san"s name is, as well as the appearance it"s been given, nobody can be too sure whether it is male or female.

No matter where you"re walking- whether it is along the road or the dark streets of the city- you may hear a set of footsteps behind you. If you do, it may just be Betobeto-san. You may not see it, since it is mainly invisible to humans- but don"t worry. It is not a dangerous yōkai, and doesn"t want to hurt anyone. It just likes to stick around with people and provide them company. If you don"t want Betobeto-san"s compan

people in Japan like Betobeto-san. There is a statue of it in Sakaiminato, where tourists like to pose next to it, as well as leave coins in its mouth for good luck. Many people think that the popularity of Betobeto-san is because of how friendly it is. Children love the smiling mouth, and some think that its design is actually pretty cute. What do you think? Does Betobeto-san deserve some love for not wanting to rip our heads off like other things that have been mentioned in this series?

Either way, it"s nice to have a friendly yōkai that isn"t itching to kill you.

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