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   Chapter 31 The Bald Man

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Updated: 2017-12-19 18:24

This legend is about a Japanese ghost known as "The Bald Man", but his true name is Kanbari Nyudo. He is a perverted spirit, and spends his time spying on people for his own sick desires.

Whether it is just trying to use the restroom, or taking a shower, he enjoys watching it all. For his appearance, he looks like a bald-headed, creepy old man. He wears a white kimono He peeks through bathroom windows, drooling from his mouth. His eyes will scan across the room until he sees you, and then he will stare at you in hopes of seeing you naked. Sometimes, he may appear inside of your bathroom, drooling all over you.

Along with his nasty appearance and desires, he also has a terrible background. Years before he became a spirit, he was known as an old man obsessed with seeing young girls naked. He would stalk the streets of his village at night, hoping to catch a glimpse of bare flesh from a girl. At first, nobody knew that he did this, and would treat him like normal.

But, one day, his family found out his secret. They were absolutely disgusted by what he"s been doing, and despised his behavior. His family now wanted nothing to do with him, and were ashamed to be related to him. As punishment, they shaved his head and banished him from the village.

Trying to start over, the old man built a hut and in the mountains and lived as a hermit. He tried to ignore his impulses, and stop thinking of naked girls, but it was no use. He eventually fell back into his desi

t happened. Soon afterwards, she heard the laughter again. This time, it was much louder.

"Hee hee hee!"

"Hey, you creepy!" She shouted. "Don"t think I can"t hear you!"

She felt vulnerable standing naked in the shower with nothing to cover her, so she decided to hurry and quickly finish the shower. Just as she was about to leave, she heard it again.


This time, it was extremely loud. It seemed to be coming from above her. She looked up at the shower head, but saw something else. Instead of the shower head, it was an old man"s head, poking out of the walls above. He was staring down at her, grinning creepily and drooling all over her body. She screamed and ran out of the shower room, not daring to look back.

In general, creepy old guys that want to stare at you are bad news. Even if they aren"t the notorious Kanbari Nyudo, it"s a bit obvious that you should avoid those kinds of people. Stay safe and don"t let anyone peek through your windows!

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