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   Chapter 30 Yuki-Onna

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Updated: 2017-12-19 18:24

Yuki-onna is an urban legend about a rather illusive yōkai featured in animations, films, and literature. The origin of this legend came from old times, so it is unknown when this was created.

The term Yuki-onna means "snow woman", but they have many names that they go by. Most of the names translate to the same meaning, but a few translations are related to icicles.

Yuki-onna prey on travelers lost in the heavy snowstorms, usually in the Japanese Alps in the winter. They are known to have the appearance of a beautiful woman, with long black hair and deep violet eyes. There was only one that had stark white hair instead, which was in the first known story of a Yuki-onna. She has snow white skin, and a white kimono to go with it. The breath of a Yuki-onna is powerfully icy, and allows her to easily freeze her victims by blowing on them. Their bodies are also cold- so cold that a mere touch will give someone a deep, unshakable chill.


tim, she will walk up to them and suck out their life force. After they are dead, she will continue walking down the path, searching for a new person.

In another version, she calls out to the person. If they walk towards her in response, she will begin to attack them. If they ignore her calls, she will throw them off of the mountain cliff in a fit of rage.

Either way, no matter what variation you go by, they all do terrible things. From hypothermia to making people wander into the snow, her ways usually are intended to kill. So, if you ever see a pale lady in the middle of a snowy area, it is best that you don"t approach her.

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