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   Chapter 29 White String

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Updated: 2017-12-19 18:24

This is a urban legend is a rather strange story, and has to do with ear piercing. This legend was so popular in the 1980s, that many kids in Japan were afraid of getting their ear pierced because they believed that the story was true.

The story involves a girl that tries to pierce her ears. It goes like this:

A young girl desperately wanted to get her ears pierced. Her parents, however, thought she was too young to do so. The girl was determined and continued to plead with them, saying that all the other girls in her class had pierced ears. Eventually, her parents gave in to her begging and allowed her to get her ears pierced. They gave her some money, and told her to go to the local mall and get her ears pierced at the jewelry store.

But the girl was greedy, and wanted to keep the money. She thought that she could easily pierce her ears herself, and that it would"ve been a waste of money to get someone else to do it for her. She called her best friend over to her house, so she could have some help. Once the friend arrived, they started the

ry, but that wasn"t white string. That was a part of your optic nerve. If you severed a big part of the nerve like you said... then that means you"ll be blind for the rest of your life."

This legend was popular a long time ago, probably because of how teenagers would constantly try to pierce their own ears. Since they were inexperienced with what they were doing, they would use dirty tools to do the procedure. This would cause infections, and inflamed earlobes. The origins of the legend aren"t clear, but the story did spread around quickly in Japan.

Either way, even if this legend isn"t true, don"t try to pierce your own ears. This isn"t a DIY situation. Professionals can easily do it better.

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