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   Chapter 27 Satoru-kun

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Updated: 2017-12-19 18:24

Satoru-kun is a Japanese urban legend about a game that is played for one reason: to find the answer to any question.

If there is a question that someone wants the answer to, apparently Satoru-kun can help. According to the legend, Satoru-kun is an evil spirit/demon that takes the form of a little boy. He is extremely smart and knows the past, present, and future. Because of this knowledge, he is said to be able to answer any question he is asked. All someone has to do is perform a ritual to summon him, and then he will answer to them.

But, reportedly, summoning Satoru-kun is a dangerous thing to do. If a person don"t follow the rules, the game can turn rather risky.

In order to "contact him", you need a mobile phone, a coin-operated payphone, and some coins to use.

First, you have to insert the money into the payphone, and dial your own mobile phon

hell, similar to Aka Manto and The Girl From The Gap. So it would be wise to decide the question you will be asking before the game begins.

There"s not a lot of people who have reported their experiences with this game, but the ones that have been reported say that nothing happens, and they"re usually just stuck in a payphone standing there awkwardly while chanting. So from the looks of it, this probably has a very tiny chance of being true. So, in general, I"d recommend not going to a phone booth and try to play this game- you"ll end up possibly embarrassing yourself.

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