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   Chapter 25 Dream School

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Updated: 2017-12-19 18:23

This legend is about a story called "Dream School", and it is said that the story is cursed. Apparently, if you do not forget the story within a week, you will have the same dream the boy has. It is unknown who the writer of the story is, so I can"t give any credit to whoever created the story. However, I definitely did not write this story. With that being said, here is the story of Dream School:

There is a boy named K, who suddenly found himself wandering around a school that he did not recognize. It was a school that seemed to be rundown and old, even having some parts of the ceiling falling off.

As he ventured through the corridors of the school, he grew more and more confused. It was as though, no matter which direction he took, the hallway would loop back around to where he began.

K felt the need to find another route, so he kept down the hallway, turned left, and then left again. He soon found himself in the music room. When he opened the door to the hallway, he found himself in the girl"s bathroom. Nothing made sense within the my

elt some relief. This would all be over soon.

But, K never woke up.

To this day, he still wanders the Dream School—unable to escape, always running away from the creature.

Like I said at the beginning, if you remember the story of Dream School within a week, it is said that you might end up joining K in the Dream School and never wake up. If you don"t have the same dream, you will instead have constant nightmares until you forget about the story.

At least that"s what the legend says. Overall, it probably isn"t true. I wrote this section of the book a couple months ago and haven"t experienced any nightmares or since. Either way, this is definitely a unique one that I"m glad isn"t real.

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