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   Chapter 23 Kappa

Creepy Japanese Urban Legends By SchoolRainbow Characters: 2302

Updated: 2017-12-19 18:23

By the way, this one is pretty gross in my opinion. This involves a few disgusting topics, like butt stuff and torture. So, if you don"t like to read about nasty things, you have been warned! You can just skip this one and read ahead. But even with the gross stuff, this one is pretty popular.

The Kappa is a famous Japanese monster that has face of a monkey, the beak of a turtle, and plate-shaped depression on the top of his head. He has green skin like a frog and a turtle shell on his back. Their arms and legs are able to stretch out incredibly long, and they have webbed hands and feet. In other words, they look pretty ugly.

Kappas usually play childish pranks, such as causing

up toilets, and wait for someone to sit down so they can turn them inside out. Afterwards, they simply move on to the next toilet.

So I guess if you don"t want to get... uh... things shoved in placed and then turned inside out, check your toilet before you go to the bathroom, I guess?

There have been many references to Kappas in Japanese cartoons and video games, such as Kapp"n from Animal Crossing. But let"s just hope Kapp"n would never do this.

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