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   Chapter 21 Kunekune

Creepy Japanese Urban Legends By SchoolRainbow Characters: 1969

Updated: 2017-12-19 18:23

The Kunekune is a fictional being created on Japanese internet sites as an urban legend, similar to how popular characters such as Slenderman were made.

On these websites, Kunekune is considered a Yōkai. The Kunekune is said to resemble a long, slender, white and humanoid shape, like a paper mannequin or a piece of fine fabric.

It is said that the being can be found at lunchtime during hot summer days. The Kunekune lingers in widely extended rice fields or acres, in rare cases it might be found over the open sea. Its limbs are said to wiggle endlessly, as if there was a straigh

res at them too long. Another possible explanation might be thick fog clouds, which appear over the fields during lunchtime. A third possibility might be hallucinations, created by and dehydration during hot summer days.

Either way, Kunekune is a thing out there and probably will be for a long time. If I was a Japanese farmer, I"d totally make my scarecrow look like one for Halloween.

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