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   Chapter 20 Kashima Reiko

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Updated: 2017-12-19 18:23

Kashima Reiko is an urban legend about the ghost of a woman who once lived in Hokkaido, Japan. One night, while she was out, she was attacked by a group of men. They beat and abused her horribly, ran off, and left her for the dead.

She tried to call out for help, but nobody heard her. Desperate to be saved, she crawled forward to try and find someone, but unfortunately collapsed on a railway track. The train came along and ran her over, killing her and cutting her in two. Her body was severed at the waist.

It is believed that she came back as a vengeful ghost soon afterwards, but apon arriving to her death spot, found out that her legs her lower half was missing. From there on, she searches the world, looking for her missing legs. And supposedly, if you meet her, she"ll ask you a few questions- and if y

ame?" Apparently, if you say "Kashima", that isn"t the right answer. She will kill you if you say her name. Instead, say "Mask Death Demon" in English. This will cause her to vanish and leave you alone.

If you"re wondering why, it has to do with what her name means. Ka-shi-ma stands for Ka=Kamen (Mask), Shi=Shinin (Dead person), Ma=Ma (Demon).

It is said that after hearing the story of Kashima Reiko, she will appear to you within a month. I wrote this story about a month ago and nothing happened, so don"t be worried- it"s not true.

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