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   Chapter 18 Nure-Onna

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Updated: 2017-12-19 18:23

If you hate snakes, you may have a particular grudge towards this one.

A nure-onna is a japanese monster with the head of a woman and the body of a snake. While the description of her appearance varies slightly, she is mainly pictured as being 30 feet long in length with snake-like eyes and a snake body. For her head, she has long, beautiful black hair. Some nure-onnas will have arms and long claws, while others don"t. They have been used in old Japanese folklore, as well as movies and books.

Although a nure-onna is much stronger than a human, they prefer to use trickery to catch and kill foolish humans. They appear usually on the coast near the water or by a riverbank,

eone jumps in the waters to try and help, they will brutally attack and kill them.

In another one, a nura-onna is simply seeking solitude as she washes her hair in the river. If someone tries to bother her, however, she"ll become increasingly annoyed. In some cases, she"ll even react violently if she"s not in the mood to play around.

Either way, snake ladies are not something to be happy about. Unless, for some reason, you really like snakes.

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