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   Chapter 17 Hitobashira (Human Pillar)

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Updated: 2017-12-19 18:23

A popular Japanese urban legend is the existence of human pillars, people that were deliberately buried alive inside of construction sites. This started from Japan, and is also known as Hitobashira, which means "Human Pillar."

This legend has been around since ancient times, and is based on something odd that people believed. They believed that a human sacrifice sealed inside of a structure would make a foundation more stable and durable after construction. In other words, if a human was buried alive, under or near the building, it would make the building stronger.

By doing this sacrifice, they thought that the gods would be happy by it and let the building be safe from natural disasters.

Back then, working conditions

e, and supposedly whenever a woman dances in the streets of Matsue, the walls of the castle will shake violently. Soon after this became popular, a law was passed prohibiting dancing in public places.

And this isn"t the only place well known for human pillars. Other landmarks include Maruoka Castle and the Matsue Ohashi Bridge.

So, if you happen to go to Japan at all and don"t know what to do, you could always look at the dark side of Japan"s history, and visit a human pillar.

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