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   Chapter 16 The Bath Game

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Updated: 2017-12-18 19:05

The Bath Game, also known as Daruma-San, is best described as playing a deadly version of Red Light, Green Light.

This one also requires no friends, just like the One Man Hide and Seek game I mentioned earlier.

Anyways, in this one, you have to do a ritual at nighttime in order to summon Daruma-San. Daruma-San is the ghost of a Japanese woman that fell in a tub and got her right eye gouged out by the tap. It is unknown whether or not she died from this injury, but I“m guessing that she did due to how she is now a spirit.

To start the ritual, you have to sit in a bathtub in complete darkness, and do a few odd things. This involves chanting, looking into a mirror, and other activities. I“m not going to fully dive into the rules, so if you do want to check out the ritual yourself, click on the external link below.

Apparently, if you play the game correctly, you will get to see

aid that she likes water and darkness, so you shouldn“t do something like go wading in the ocean at night while playing this. Also, you“re suppose to use the safe word sparingly, because she“ll just go less farther each time you use it. If you abuse it enough, when you say it, she won“t even step back at all.

There aren“t many accounts of this game, except for a few videos of people trying to play it. But, from what research I“ve done, a lot of people that have played had nothing happen. Either way, maybe it“d be better to just take a bath like a normal person than try and meet Daruma-san

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