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   Chapter 14 Kokkuri-San

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Kokkuri-san is one of the most famous scary games in Japan. It was especially popular during the Meiji period of Japan as well, and is similar to the ouija board. This is mostly played by Japanese schoolchildren who want to summon a spirit so they can ask them about the future.

At one point, the game became so widespread in Japan that it sparked several cases of hysteria in the media, and many schools had to ban students from playing Kokkuri-san.

Kokkuri-san is the name of the spirit who is summoned during the game and provides the answers. It is an animal spirit that is a mixture between a fox, a dog, and a racoon. That explains it“s name, because it is Kok= kitsune (fox), Ku= inu (dog), Ri= tanuki (racoon). The fox can either be a trickster or a teacher, the dog is loyal and protecting, and the racoon is full of mischief but a bringer of good luck. All of these qualities are combined in Kokkuri-san.

Using an ouija board is dangerous because it can accidentally summon demons and such, but this game is much less dangerous because t

an anime named after it called Kokkuri-san, too, where the main character plays the game and summons the spirit. The spirit notices her unhealthy lifestyle, and decides to become her guardian since she lives alone and has no friends. As the show goes on, her life is turned around, and she meets a lot of other spirits around the way.

I don“t know how intense the game can get, since I“ve never played Kokkuri-san or even the ouija board game, but I“m sure it would be creepy for a coin to be randomly moving on its own. If anyone has ever played either of the two games, feel free to comment your experience, because I“d love to hear about it! After all, it can tell how real these games really are.

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