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   Chapter 12 Gozu (Cow Head)

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Updated: 2017-12-05 00:07

Apparently, the story that goes with this legend is so scary and haunted, that no one can ever tell it without dying. In fact, this legend talks about the story, but doesn“t actually tell the story.

According to legend, a horrific short story called "Cow Head" was discovered in Japan in the 17th Century. Nobody really knows the origin of the story, but the story has been mentioned a few times in several written accounts. These accounts are from a long time ago, but they all note that it is a tale too terrible to tell.

Rumors state that upon hearing the dreadful tale, listeners were overcome with a terror so great that they trembled violently for days until they finally died from fright.

After some time passed, the Cow Head story was deemed too dangerous, and most existing copies of it were burned years ago. The few copies that survived were cut into sections, and distributed across the country.

For me, I“m baffled at why they“d do that. Is it for a souvenir or something? Maybe they want to brag about it and say something like, "Hey, you know that story that killed people named Cow Head? I got lik

know where the fragments he read from were.

Some believe that they didn“t die because they couldn“t remember it. Other say it“s because the teacher may have not finished the story before he came to his senses. Either way, the beginning of the story was leaked to the internet, with something involving a man with a cow head going into a village suffering a famine. When the man arrived, they tore him apart and ate every part of him. From the meat to the bones, the villagers ravaged and gnawed at every part of his body. As soon as they were finished, the village was put into a deep curse. That“s all that was leaked from it.

Maybe one day we“ll learn the tale- or maybe there isn“t a tale at all. Either way, maybe it is better left untold.

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