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   Chapter 11 Red Room Curse

Creepy Japanese Urban Legends By SchoolRainbow Characters: 2259

Updated: 2017-12-05 00:07

The Red Room is an urban legend about a pop-up that appears when you are surfing the internet. They say that the people who have seen the pop-up are found dead, their walls painted red with their own blood.

So overall this urban legend is terrible for me since the internet is a lot of my life.

This legend began with a flash animation of a boy being cursed after encountering the pop-up, but gained a lot of popularity when it was found that the girl who committed the Sasebo slashing in 2004 had the animation as a bookmark.

Here is a famous story that goes along with this legend:

It is said that there was a boy who was addicted to the internet. He heard of the

his legend is not related to the famous Red Room that is reportedly found on the deep web, and it is unknown if the Red Room got its name from the Red Room Curse. The Red Room is an equally sinister thing, however, and involves people paying money to watch others get brutally tortured.

Nobody knows if there is a way to avoid the death after the pop-up. It is said that the people who have encountered it didn“t live long enough to tell their tale.

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