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   Chapter 10 Noh Mask

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Updated: 2017-12-05 00:07

Traditionally used in theatre, Noh masks are considered to be supernatural. There are many different types of Noh Masks, many are equally unsettling to look at. Most Noh masks represents both a smiling face and a sad face when you look at it from different angles. If you tilt upwards while wearing the mask, it will have a smiling expression. If the mask is tilted downwards, it will seem sad and depressed.

These usually expensive masks used to be kept primarily by wealthy people, and weren“t that commonly spread. Some of the famous Noh masks in Japan include kitsune (fox) masks, Oni (devil) masks, and Onna (female kei) masks.

Legend has it th

more creepier than the modern ones we use today, and Japanese folklore always consists of evil spirits and mythical ideas.

Trust me, if you look up a kitsune mask now, it looks pretty cool, but if you look up the extremely old ones, it looks like a terrifying cat monster. I personally love kitsune masks, and might even buy one soon myself, so hopefully this legend isn“t real at all.

And if it is... I“m still buying one anyways.

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