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   Chapter 9 Teke-Teke

Creepy Japanese Urban Legends By SchoolRainbow Characters: 1650

Updated: 2017-12-05 00:07

Teke-Teke (or Tek-Tek) is a legend about a girl who fell under a train and was cut in half. There are several other origin stories, such as a mutilated suicide, but the train story is the most popular one.

Anyways, legend has it she died a painful death, and now her ghost roams through Japan, dragging her top half along using her claw-like hands. Her motive is unknown, but many believe she is just angry at the world and wants revenge for her suffering.

She got her name from the sound

is fear. Before he could run, she sprinted to the boy and cut him in half. His last sight before he died was her sitting there beside him, smiling warmly.

Overall, there are not really any real accounts of this girl actually being a person, so the legend is probably fabricated. However, she is a popular Japanese urban legend.

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