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   Chapter 7 Tomino's Hell

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Updated: 2017-12-05 00:07

Tomino“s Hell is a poem that is supposedly cursed. It is said that if you read the poem out loud or hear it in any way, you will be horribly cursed, and bad things are destined to happen to you. If you read it in your head, nothing will happen.

Also, apparently reading it in Japanese gives you an even better chance of being cursed, since the translations are a bit rougher than the original.

The poem talks about a cute person named Tomino and their sisters in... hell? I“m not that sure. It is definitely a unique poem that takes some deciphering to get the full meaning of. It talks about odd imagery, such as seven mountains, Tomino spi

ad it out loud, and nothing happened to them other than them struggling to read Japanese.

If you do want to read the poem, click on the external link below to get a Japanese and English translation of it. The external link is around where you can leave a comment, if that helps. If you are still extremely confused of where the link is, I“d recommend looking in the comment section since there are a ton of helpful people there.

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