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   Chapter 6 Onryō

Creepy Japanese Urban Legends By SchoolRainbow Characters: 1761

Updated: 2017-12-05 00:07

Now, you may have never heard of this word before, but you may actually be familiar with this one without knowing. They“ve even been featured in famous movies such as The Grudge and The Ring. In fact, this urban legend has spawned even more urban legends from it, and some are even featured in this book.

An onryō is a vengeful spirit that is capable of actually harming the world of the living. In other words, it“s a ghost that died with fury and rage, and it can now kill people from that anger.

Some people become an o

their only goal is to get revenge on whoever killed or wronged them.

These ghosts been all over the internet and in many creepy Japanese stories, yet I never really knew the name of them until now. Some people say that if the spirit gets its revenge, it will be able to rest in peace- but in many cases, such as The Grudge, they don“t simply vanish.

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