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   Chapter 4 One Man Hide and Seek

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Updated: 2017-12-05 00:07

As I looked this up, I figured out that it has a lot of different names such as Hitori Kakurenbo, Hide and Seek Alone, The 3 AM Overnight Challenge- but it all is the same game with the same objective. This originated from Japan, and became quite famous with the help of the internet spreading it around.

In this game, you are trying to play hide and seek with a possessed doll. I know it sounds crazy and strange, but bear with me here.

To play, the person gets a doll, and follow the rules and guidelines to try and have a spirit possess the doll. This is so the doll can "play the game" with them. In many of the reports about the game, the summoning part doesn“t work and the doll doesn“t do anything. In a few reports, however, they state that the the doll is found in other parts of the house, or goes entirely missing. There have been accounts of strange events happening during the game, such as the doll moving, doors shutting, and

feeling as if they“re being touched.

And if they get caught by the doll, it will apparently stab them. This is because, as a part of the game, the player has to stab the doll with an object to anger the spirit. In some different versions of the game, it says that the doll will try and kill you as soon as it sees you, instead of giving one simple stab.

I“ve watched some videos on people playing it, and I have to admit, even though it isn“t real, it definitely is a terrifying game to play. You hide in a small spot at 3 in the morning, waiting and listening to find out if a demonic doll is looking for you. You also have to turn on your television to static and stare at it, which is unsettling and creepy to do. I“d recommend that people shouldn“t really play this game, but if you do, please use caution and know what you“re doing.

The game rules are in the external link below, so click on that if you want to look into it more!

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