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What the actual fuck?

Caspian is a dad? He has a child with Esperanza.

The amount of hurt and betrayal I felt at that moment was incomprehensible. That was what he couldn't tell me. I was momentarily frozen.

Finally, I looked up at him. He looked down at me in worry and...shock?

Esperanza let out a laugh. So does everyone else in the room.

"Haven't I missed you, baby. Come gimme a hug, " Caspian says, surprising me. I was confused.

The little girl giggled as she was passed to Caspian by Esperanza.

"Ma-ma say to, " she giggled again before testing her chin on his shoulder and instantly drooling on his suit jacket.

"Ma-ma say we pway game."

"Gotcha, " Esperanza said, laughing again.

I couldn't believe what was going on. Everyone in the room was still chatting lazily with each other like nothing happened.

"Excuse me." I said, wanting to get away from all the drama.

I heard footsteps right behind me as I made my way to the garden.

"Baby, wait, " he pleaded. I walked faster, desperate to get away from him.

"Baby, please. I can explain. Charlotte is not my daughter." His voice was starting to sound frustrated.

"Kat!" He shouts.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Why didn't you tell me? What-" I shrieked. Tears were threatening to spill.

"Wait, I can explain. Please, baby, just listen."

I stop.

He took my hand and pulled me to the fountain. We sat. No one said anything, we just listened to the silence.

"Esperanza was my best mate's wife. His name was Charlie. He disappeared two years ago when Charlotte was born. He'd been getting threats from someone so he had to leave. For his family, " he said. His voice was detached and cold, like he'd gotten used to the situation. Like he couldn't feel anymore.

"He left me a note; said I should take care of his family. Esperanza was my best friend before she met him. I had to. I'm basically a father figure to Charlotte. I support them, but I hardly see them. They even live in a different state. Charlotte knows not to call me her daddy. She's three, she knows I'm not her father because she remembers Charlie. He was there for the first year of her life. She knows me as just Uncle Cassie."

I ra

h mine, giving me an eskimo kiss.

I whimpered and held in to his shirt, trying to pull him closer.

"What do you want?" His hot breath fanned my face.

"You know what I want."

"I don't. Tell me, " he said, cocking his head to the side.

"Kiss me."

"Where?" He asked.

My face flushed.

I had been horny throughout the day so why not be expressive, I thought.



I had exams. Lots of exams. All at once. Lemme explain.

In my school, we have three terms in a session. At the end of the third term we have the "promotion" examination. But they decided that those who were going to Grade 12(to-be seniors) had to write another series of exams to prove that we were "worthy" enough for the next class.

(Fuck school, BTW)

And that exam was tough as hell.

So I had to read for two exams 'cause ain't nobody wanna be held back next year.

Next chapter after two hundred votes.

I feel really bad for not updating but I had a lot of stuff going on. Even apps that want my book on them haven't gotten a reply because I've been hella busy.

Next chapter after two hundred votes.

Anyone who wanna be writing steamy scenes for me should PM me. 'Cause I can't bring myself to write em.

Next chapter in a few days tho(and I promise this time. I've learnt my lesson).

Even tho I have to update quickly cause I'm writing GCSE in two weeks. (FML). So you can imagine how busy my life has been.

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