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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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Caspian's POV

I sighed as I walked up the stairs.

I knocked slightly on Thomas' door and waited. The door swung open and revealed a dishelved Thomas.

His raven black hair was tossed partly to the side with the rest combed back. It looked like he had constantly run his hands through it.

Or someone had.

His left hand is leaning against the door and his posture is stiff. He looked at me in panic before composing himself.

"Hey, Caspian, I missed you!" He sounded enthusiastic but I could sense his unease.

I mentally rolled my eyes. I didn't see anything wrong with him seeing a girl, but I didn't want him to become like me; how I was before I met Kat.

I pulled him in for a bro hug and then slapped his shoulder when we pulled apart.

With a smug smile on my face, I ask, "Aren't you going to let me in?"

His once enthusiastic face contorted into a frustrated one.

"Thomas told, didn't he?"

I let out a strong laugh and punched him playfully in the chest.

"He walked in on us. I wasn't going to tell him! He can't ever keep his mouth shut!" He seemed really frustrated at the situation.

"Cut him some slack. He's ten. How much did you pay him?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Five hundred. I'm going to have to take my money back."

"Should have raised it to a thousand or two. Where is she?" I asked, looking above his head into his room. The fact that he was about five inches shorter than I was didn't help his case.

His room looked like a tornado hit it. I could see the condoms in his waste basket.

"She left about two minutes ago. I could hear y'all from up here so she had to leave." He explained. He realized I was still standing outside his room and stepped back to let me in.

"Is it serious?" I ask. It was still my job to look after my brothers.

"No. Not really. She's just some hoe." He starts clearing up the place.

"But you brought her home?" I ask, skeptically.

His room smelt like sex. I could still see some cum stains on his king-sized bed.

"It's on and off. We know what we both want from it. I give her money, she gives me what I want. It's as simple as that." His tone was hard, like he didn't want to talk about it.

He saw the look on my face and raised his hands up.

"That's the truth. The absolute truth. I don't like her in that way, " he clarified.

"Aren't you a little too young to get into an arrangement like that? She's practically your mistress and you are just sixteen!"

"I know what I'm doing! She's a senior, she knows what she's doing too. I got Gustavo do a

told us dinner was ready.

We walked into the dinning room and found everyone there waiting.

Everyone including Esperanza and a small girl. She couldn't be more than two.

I gave a smile to Esperanza and greeted her. She pulled me in for a hug.

"Hello, Katherine right? It's nice to see you again." She smiled.

I gave her a smile back. She was friendly, but I was a little bit skeptical about her. Maybe because she and Caspian seemed so close and I didn't want anyone to get in between us.

With Caspian, I felt so fulfilled and happy. I didn't want anyone to ruin that for me. I had always read about crazy exes who were always out to get the girlfriend.

"This is Charlotte, my daughter, " she explained.

Okay. Maybe not that big of a threat.

I smile at the cute little girl about to say something when Caspian walks into the dinning room at that moment. The small girl's voice folks the room.



I'm a disappointment. I know. I haven't updated on five weeks! Shit has been happening. I know it seems like I always have an excuse but it usually is the truth.

I'mma explain in the next few chapters what's being going on with me. Everyone I know doesn't even know. I just have to deal with this stuff.

Thanks for staying with me. I suggest reading the last few chapters again to remember all that's being going on.

I decided to write more about their feelings for each other because I feel I haven't done that much lately.

My birthday is on Tuesday!!!!! May 29th!!!

I'll update then. Pinky promise!

I'm so excited for my birthday! I don't know why! I lost the birthday vibe a few years ago so...

Love you massively, seriously, Simisola.

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