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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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The next time I woke up, Caspian was carrying me into another car and talking to someone through an earpiece.

Fuck, I can't believe I slept that long.

He dropped me on the seat gently but kept on talking. I snuggled closer into him and rubbed my hands down his arms.

His jacket hugged his strong arms and his chest looked so... yummy.

I don't know what came over me but suddenly, I straddled him and started laying small kisses on his neck. His cologne was still the same, enough to have me feeling a kind of way.

Caspian got off his phone call and pulled me in for a kiss. He tried to pull away but I pulled him back and deepened the kiss. I held onto his arms tightly, that damned jacket.

His muscular torso heaved up and down as our tongues tangled together. Before it got to heated, I stopped him. I didn't want to arrive at his parents house looking like I just had a roll in the hay with their son.

Caspian laid his heads on my chest and laid small kisses on my boobies. I silently laughed before I slapped the back of his head.

"Stop. I don't want your parents to think I'm sleeping with you."

"You are the one who's literally humping my abs."

I could feel my face heating up and I untangled my legs from around him before climbing off and scooting away.

"Fuck you, " I sulked.

He pulled me back to him and I nuzzled my head in his neck. I could still feel how hot my face was.

Why am I so horny today?

"Sir, we are here."

Fudge, here goes nothing. Ralph, Caspian's main bodyguard-slash-driver, opened the door for us. Caspian took my hand once he got out and helped me out- not like I couldn't help myself, but chivalry isn't dead.

I looked around, taking in my surroundings. Their mansion was magnificent. Their were two lion statues at different the two sides of the large double doors leading into the house.

It reminded me of the tattoo on Caspian's back.

There was a fountain in the middle of the circular driveway. I looked up at he three-story house and I'm sure my mouth dropped open. It looked modern yet traditional at the same time.

Caspian snapped me out of my daze when he laced his hand in mine and pulled me forward. My heart fluttered in my chest.

"Our bags." I said.

"They'll take care of it." He pulled me forward again and we walked to the door. Caspian held his hand out to put on the fingerprint scanner but was stopped when the door suddenly swung open, revealing none other than his mother.

I was happy to see Sasha again. She was always so nice and energetic and a little bit weird at times, I thought, remembering her obsession with my hair and cheekbones.

She pulled Caspian in for a hug and I could see the big grin on his face which he quickly suppressed. She wore an A-line skirt and a simple top. They let go of each other and she turned t

of the head and walked over to where Ian and I were standing.

"Why don't you go call Thomas, " Caspian instructed.

"He's probably still huddled up with the girl in his room and he'll send me away. He said I should leave him alone till dinner." Ian grumbled.

"Thomas has a girl in his room?" Caspian raise his eyebrows at this information. I'm guessing Thomas was Caspian's sixteen year old younger brother.

"Does anyone know?" He whispered to Ian who shook his head no.

"Caspian, show Katherine to your room. She must rest before dinner, " Sasha said.

"Okay ma."

"What are you going to do about your brother?" I asked. Caspian seemed angry when he heard his brother was with a girl. I didn't see the big deal because he started having sex at sixteen too. That's if his brother was even rolling in the hay with said girl.

"I'll be right back. I think since he turned sixteen large week, he thinks he can start having sex. Teenagers!" Caspian kissed my cheek before marching up the stairs.

"Come see my piano." Ian pulled me upstairs after a few minutes of silence between us. He was so cute.

"Dinner is by six. Come down quick." Sass shouted after us.


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