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   Chapter 25 NO.25

The CEO's Obsession By xxDonotreadxx Characters: 1685

Updated: 2017-12-15 14:47

If you are my 'friend' or you know me from school and you are reading this, this is for you.

This book is NOT a reflection of who I am. If you think I'm a bad person or whatever because of this book, You are wrong. Just go ahead and fucking delete the book. Kat and Caspian are adults. I'm not. They are adults so I feel they can do things adults can do.

If you judge me because of some things in this book then fuck you. I'm not an adult but that doesn't mean my ADULT characters should think like t

Lovey words are good in relationships.

All kinds of words are good in relationships.

This isn't meant to be offensive. I just wanted to clear my name. If you don't understand this, feel free to talk to ME privately. Not gossip about me. I'll explain my actions and words when we speak. I won't bite you. I think ;)

:) Bye.

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