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Caspian decided to take me out shopping in preparation for dinner with his parents. I vehemently declined at first until he told me his eighteen year old brother was going to be there. From what Caspian had told me, this brother of his was the closest to him. They apparently shared a lot in common. For one, they were the ones who were both interested in the family business and they cared a lot about soccer.

I never knew Caspian was a soccer guy, I guessed he was more of an American football kind of person. Sometimes, I forgot that he was part French. His mom's French accent was still noticable, but not too annoying. It was cute. At times, when Caspian got excited about a subject or during one of our little tiffs, his accent would be more prominent.

We had gotten to the really expensive looking restaurant Caspian's mom had placed reservations at. It was a French place. She said she wanted me to have a taste of what their family dinners looked like mostly. The Pierces embraced their heritage mostly because Sasha was very traditional and took her culture serious.

But it didn't seem like she was a very strict parent considering the way Caspian was before I came along.

Not to toot my own horn or anything.

I was wearing a simple black gown I had gotten from a Prada store. Caspian had also reckoned I get some other clothing. Thinking to myself, I decided I did need some, but I didn't want to admit that to him. I still stopped by Agent Provocateur.

I waited for him to pick me up. Flitting between checking myself in the mirror, rearranging the throw pillows on the sofa and brushing my curled hair to the back, I anxiously waited for Caspian to pick me up. The minutes were ticking by way too slowly for me. I was officially meeting his parents and his closest brother who schooled here, in New York.

His other three brothers where in California. Caspian reassured me I was going to meet them later and said I shouldn't be so 'excited' to meet them.

Little did he know how wrong that statement was.

He arrived a few minutes before seven. He wore a black suit which looked tailored to perfection and a crisp black shirt with the first few buttons unbuttoned. My heart did a little jump at the sight of him.

No one spoke at first. We drunk in the appearance of each other until Caspian spoke first

a silly smile on my face.

Unsurprisingly, he was a very rebellious teenager.

"Don't come to work on Friday. Pack for two days. I wanna take you somewhere."

This was another reason why I didn't want to work with him again. I would start having some privileges I didn't want.

He didn't even ask if I wanted to go. I would obviously say yes but he could have at least asked.

"Demanding. Where are you taking me to?"

"It's a secret." He made a zipping motion on his lips before throwing the key away.

I was suddenly reminded of breakfast with Aiden on Friday. I tensed. He still had a way of ruining my plans even unknowingly.

"What time are you coming over?"

"Maybe ten. Why?"

"Nothing." I'm sure I didn't sound convincing enough because he looked at me suspiciously before looking away.

I kissed him on the lips before bidding goodbye to him. Kimberly should have been back from her trip and I didn't want them to meet.

She said she would have no problem getting back by herself so I didn't bother picking her up from the airport.

I unlocked my door before walking in and switching on the lights.

To think my life couldn't get any more dramatic, the last person I would expect in my apartment was sitting right beside Kimberly.

"Katherine, it's been too long."



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