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   Chapter 23

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My face was scrunched up at the proposal I was reading when Leo brought in a letter addressed to me from the CEO.

Thinking it was just another one of “those“ letters, I tore it open.

I was permitted a leave I didn“t even ask for. For a whole week.

It had to be a joke. This had a certain someone“s name written all over it.

Caspian was probably playing tricks on me. The letter came straight from HR and it had Caspian“s signature on it.

I blanket out for a while, so I didn“t hear Leo repeatedly calling my name.

"Is everything okay?" He asked.

"Everything is fine. I just need a little time to myself. Thank you." I said, still looking at the letter incredulously.

He left the office quietly and I dropped the letter on my desk. I took a deep breath and looked Athens time. Caspian and I were to have lunch by one and it was already fifteen minutes to one. Unsurprisingly, he walked into the room at that exact minute looking dangerously sexy as always.

I unconsciously let out a dreamy sigh. I reminded myself I was supposed to be upset.

He laughed. Probably at my sigh.

He rounds the table and pulled me up from my chair.

"I know you like me and all, but we have to get going if we don“t want to be late." He planted a chaste kiss on my lips and gave me a grin.

"I didn“t request for a leave. Did I?" I wrapped my arms around his waist anyways and gave him another kiss of mine which was longer than his.

"I“ll explain later. My dad wants to see you."

I took a deep breath before thinking back to the pills in my bag. "I“ll be out in a minute."

ed out of Hiram“s office relieved and more in like with Caspian than ever before, but I knew it wasn“t going to be all smooth.


Author“s note

Sorry. I“m terribly sorry. Exams have been on for weeks and it“s ending tomorrow!!! :)) Happy dance!

That“s why I haven“t been able to write. I wrote this just now. My phone wasn“t with me for a while during the exams.

This means holiday! More updates!

An app wants that book! Can you believe it?! And I don“t have to take it away from Wattpad! And I get paid!

To address some issues:

1. This book isn“t edited. Don“t make corrections or hate on my English. English isn“t my first language.

2. His mom was fifteen when she had him. Ikr. More of that later.

3. Where the F is Kimberly?

4. Your eyelashes can brush your cheekbones. Some people have really high cheekbones so the eyelashes brush them :)

5. I love y“all. 78 in Romance.

But I didn“t get my 200 votes :(

Sorry it“s short and the author“s note is sooo long. :( The next will be longer.



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