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   Chapter 22

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I rolled over on my side and slowly opened my eyes. Kat had fallen asleep immediately I dropped her on my bed. She looked peaceful in her sleep. Her eyebrows brushed against her cheekbones. She was no doubt a very beautiful woman.

I sighed remembering our little tiff from yesterday. I concluded that if I didn“t do something fast, it would turn into a full fight.

I made a quick phone call to the maid and asked her to prepare a large breakfast for two, before calling my assistant and telling him I would be late.

"Mickey, also call the florist“s and have them send over some lilies." I spoke in a hushed tone, trying as much as possible not to wake Kat.

"Yes, sir. Is that all, sir?"

"Yes–No. Tell Melanie to get women“s clothing and a box of chocolates ASAP. Bring them over yourself. And I want the report from the Chinese deal with you when you are coming."

"Yes, sir," he said. I could sense the confusion in his voice because of my unusual request.

I hung up the phone and got out of bed.

I was dishing out pancakes for myself when Kat walked into the kitchen looking adorably confused.

I smiled at her but she put on a straight face once she spotted me.

"Good morning, baby. How was your night?"

She ignores me and picked up a plate of pancakes for herself before grabbing the syrup and dribbling it all over her full plate.

"Are you still angry?"

No answer.

"I“m sorry. I“ll make it up to you."


"I got you flowers and chocolate." I tried. She gave me dirty look as if I had just called her cheap and looked back down at her plate.

I sighed and kept quiet.

We ate in silence until we were both done eating. She walked past me and dropped her plate in the sink before trying to evade me once again. I caught her waist and pulled her into my lap.

"Let me go," she said. I nuzzled my face into her neck and laid small gentle kisses on her face. I could tell she was fighting a smile.

"Come on," I said with my face buried in the crook of her n

walking out with Caspian“s father.

I let out a huge breath when I realized they were gone before turning to Caspian and swatting him as hard as I could.

"What was that for?" He squealed.

"I“m not ready for dinner with your parents! I wasn“t even ready to meet them! And to worsen it, we agreed to have dinner with them!" I was freaking out internally.

"Don“t worry babe. They“ll love you. My mom probably would have carried you with her if she could," he reassured.

"I don“t think your dad likes me."

"Why would you think that?"

"He didn“t talk to me." I hugged him and rubbed my face on his clothed chest.

"He doesn“t talk much. You“ll get used to it. He really likes you though."

"Okay. If you say so."

He lifted me up and carried me like you would do to a crying child before walking up the stairs.

"Caspian, how old is your mom? She looks so young."

"She is forty-one."

"How old are you?" I realized I didn“t know his age.



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