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   Chapter 21

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I was working late. I was to submit my report directly to Caspian tomorrow. He was supposed to come back from his trip tonight. I didn“t hear the gentle knock on the door before it was opened.

Caspian sauntered in, looking deliciously handsome in a blue three piece suit and a red tie. His jacket was slung over his shoulders and he gave me a happy smile before walking to me. My mouth dried up at the sight of him.

He pushed me against my desk and captured my mouth in a deep, passionate kiss. I pulled him closer, trying to mash our bodies together as much as possible. He wrapped my legs around his waist and laid his hands on my hips. Unfortunately, we had to pull back for air sooner than I wanted.

"I missed you, bella," he said before leaning in to peck my lips. "I missed you so fucking much. You look so beautiful."

I pushed my face into his chest while I turned red. I let out a childish giggle before looking up at him. His was comforting. He felt like home.

"I missed you more than you missed me, I can bet on it." He chuckled softly and shook his head before nuzzling his face in my neck. He placed small, teasing kisses by the side of my neck before continuing.

"Why are you working late?"

"I–I... Have to submit my report to... Stop it... My boss... You, tomorrow." His not-so-teasing kisses had turned heated already.

"I think he“s going to give you some more time to finish it up."

"Oh." He grinded his not-so-little problem on my stomach and continued his assault.

"Let“s continue this at my place," he rasped, "Spend the night with me."

My heart hammered against my ribcage––I knew this day was coming, but I didn“t know it would be so soon. How was I going to tell him no?

He seemed to sense my hesitation and gave me a chaste kiss in the lips.

"I“ll try to be gentle."

I blushed at this words. "That“s not it. I don“t think I“m ready yet."

"Why? I“m your boyfriend, you are my girlfriend, it“s okay for us to have sex. I know you are thinking of it. Besides, it“ll feel good. I know I“ll feel good."

I didn“t think any guy would say something like that with so much sexual arrogance. Is there something like sexual arrogance?

I had to tell him. Sooner or later, he would find out.

Out with it you fool, my subconscious snapped.

"I“m a virgin. I don“t w

back at him and examined his straight face. I would have believed him in a heartbeat if I hadn“t seen who it was.

"Don“t bullshit me. I know it was Esperanza."

He had the audacity to look guilty.

After a minute of silence, I asked, "Who is she to you?"

He racked his hands through his hair and sighed.

"I can“t tell you that right now."

"You don“t get to say that. I“m your girlfriend an I deserve to know. I demand to know." I sat up and looked at him straight in the eye.

His eyes flickered down to my breasts and he silently licked his lips before taking in the rest of me.

"I can“t tell you. It“s not that big of a deal anyway."

I stood to my full height and towered over his sitting form. I could sense an argument coming.

"I don“t want to talk about this tonight. Get out."

"It“s my house. You brought this up, not me. So don“t try to make this seem like this is my fault."

"I“m tired. Please I want to sleep." I would deal with him in the morning.

"Come to my room."

"No." He didn“t seem to mind before throwing me over his shoulder and taking me to his room. I wouldn“t admit I didn“t like it but I wanted to know who Esperanza was to him.

This conversation could wait but I was going to get my way.


I“m so very sorry. I“ll update again by Thursday or Friday. School has started again an it“s stressful as fuck.

I“m so sorry. Thanks for staying with me. I“ll be good *baby face*. I promise.

I love you.

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