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   Chapter 20

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"Ms. Hayes, there“s someone here to see you," Leo informed from the other side of the line.

"What“s her name?" I asked. I wondered who would want to see me---it couldn“t be Kimberly because she was in Las Vegas for the week to see God-knows-who. She said she was going to see a friend she hadn“t seen in a long time. Caspian was in California with his family. I hadn“t seen him since he left my place on Wednesday and now it was Tuesday, but we had been texting non-stop.

"Actually, it“s a man. He says he“s a very good friend."

"Describe him... Never mind, send him in."

The door to my office was pushed open by none other than Aiden Carlton. My palms instantly got sweaty and it felt like the room was closing in on us. His presence gave me an uneasy feeling--it always did.

He gave me an innocent grin and greeted me. I wasn“t going to bother myself with pleasantries with him.

"Why are you here? How do you know where I work? Are you following me now?" I looked at him skeptically while gripping the edge of my desk tightly.

"Hey, hey, no need to be on edge. Won“t you at least offer me a seat?" He said.

I looked at him for a while before offering him a seat. His blond hair had been cut short and he had started sporting a beard. He looked different compared to the last time I saw him; the day I found him in my apartment. The beard suited him.

"Why are you here?" I wasn“t going to beat around the bush with him.

He sighed heavily. "I wanted to apologise, again. I“m really sorry for the way I treated you, I was a jerk. I took advantage of your naivety and treated you like dirt. When you called off the wedding, I-I started thinking... What if we had a family? What if--"

"OK, stop. I know you are lying. Did my dad put you up to this? If he did, you can tell him that--" Aiden cut me off before I could say anything else.

"No, he didn“t put me up to this. I came here on my own."

"I“m not interested. Thanks but no thanks." I looked back at the report I had ha

g genuinely hurt.

"I“m sorry. It“s serious though. She“s not like the other girls, not to mention, she“s hot." I grinned just thinking about Kat.

"This is unexpected. Are you sure she“s not after you for your money? You and I both know what“s happening to her dad“s company, so shouldn“t you be cautious?"

"There you go with your stupid conspiracy theories. Kat is not like that. She hardly even thinks about my wealth or status. In fact, she doesn“t––at all." I didn“t appreciate him talking about Kat like that.

"You really like her don“t you?"

No shit.

When did I become such a pansy?

"I do."

I walked out of his study a few minutes later with him following behind me. We found mom in the kitchen chewing on strawberries.

"Caspian has got a girlfriend."

Dad could never keep his mother shut.

She dropped the strawberry mid-flight and ran over to me.

"Who is she? Why didn“t you tell me? Where is she?" She was no doubt already planning my wedding in her head.

Here we go.

After answering all her questions and giving her the details, she made me promise to bring Kat in three weeks.

If I liked Kat so much, then why was I hesitant to let her meet my family?


I“m sooo tired. I published this even tho my goal for the last chappy hasn“t been reached.

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