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   Chapter 16

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To all those seeing this update for this second time, I unpublished this chapter because I was not satisfied with it and I changed some things in it. I corrected some typos and removed some things.

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"Caspian, please! Just one last time." Sydney whined. To say I was disgusted was an understatement.

"Sydney, I“ll say this one last time; Get out!" I couldn“t stand her whining. She had somehow found out about my blossoming relationship with Katherine and had flown all the way to New Orleans to beg me for one last fuck.

"You know what?"

"What?" She asked dumbly with a stupid smile on her face.

"When you get back to New York, you will send a letter to the HR department requesting for a transfer to Minneapolis, then you will come to me for confirmation when I get back and receive your letter of demotion."

She gaped at me before whispering, "You can“t do that. I did nothing wrong."

"As a matter of fact, I can. I“m the boss. Now leave before I get someone to escort you out." My patience was wearing thin.

"You didn“t seem to hate it before! We had something! Then that fat cow came out of nowhere and destroyed it!"

"We never had anything. You were good while our arrangement lasted but it“s done now. Now, would you leave? I have work to do."

"I“ll kill that fat cow." She said before storming towards the door.

"Actually, Sydney, you are fired." I was livid. She disrespected my bella.

"Why you--"

"Miss, I think it time you leave." My butler, Jenkins had made an appearance.

With a huff she stormed towards the door and shut it aggressively.

"God, I was wondering when she would leave." Alek walked out of my study and plopped down on the couch before picking up the remote. "You always get involved with the wrong ones."

But I“ve found t

loved it. I shut the door behind him and rested my back on it.

I had plopped down on the couch when a knock was heard again. I opened the door and was greeted by the sight of Caspian still holding the hello kitty bag.

"God, I“ve been wanting to do this since I got here," he said before pulling me in for a kiss.

His lips were warm against mine as he pulled me closer and I treaded my fingers in his hair. He tasted like apples and wine. His hands roamed my body before coming to rest on my hips. He pulled me to him until there was no space between us. His hands wandered to my ass and he cupped my two butt cheeks and squeezed. His tongue wandered into my mouth before exploring every corner of my mouth.

Unfortunately, we pulled apart for air sooner than I would have liked. I rested my forehead on his chest, not knowing how to react after our heated make-out session. His hands were still on my ass.

"Well, that was interesting." A strange voice said. We both turned to the direction of the voice and found Kimberly standing there.

Mood kill.


Wattpad deleted this chapter, so I had to rewrite it. I“m a terrible author I know. I“m sorry for the wait.

Thank you to all those who voted and commented! I love you! It really motivated me to start writing this chappie. It“s short. Sorry.

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