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   Chapter 14

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I couldn“t stop thinking about her. I couldn“t get her out of my head. I was going to stay away, but she was making it so damn hard. I thought I couldn“t like a girl, at least not now. I thought I was immune to attraction.


I decided to call her. I wanted us to meet up before I left for New Orleans. We had some things to talk about. I saw the look in her eyes when she saw me with Esperanza. She seemed hurt and angry at the same time, but I wasn“t ready to delve into my life yet. I wasn“t going to let her in on my life. I“d just see where whatever-this-is lead to, before letting her in on my life.

I was a private person, but bits and pieces of my life where known by the majority of New York. Being handsome and also one of the richest people in New York didn“t really allow me to be as private as I wanted to be. A lot was known about me, but there were parts of my life I saw as extremely private, and I liked it that way.

The dark and brooding look I sported in public made me seem unapproachable. I smirked only when I needed a good lay. I hardly smiled.

But that was what I liked about Kat. She seemed so relaxed, so carefree, and that made me smile. During our date, I smiled more than I had in ages. She had this calming aura around her that made you want to stay around. I hadn“t expected to act so sweet during our date---even though Alek had told me to.

She made me... feel things.

Strange things.

I had no explanation for my actions, but all I knew was that I wanted her. I didn“t just lust after her, I wanted to have her to myself.

Might as well give it a shot.

I picked up my phone and called her. We agreed to meet at the ice cream shop from this morning---more

standing up and pulling out a chair for me. We sat in awkward silence before he spoke.

"I“ve been thinking about you." His words turned my face fifty shades of red. He chuckled softly at my reaction.

"Me too," I said. It was all I could get out at the moment.

"I can“t deny what I“m feeling, and I know you can“t too." He said as quietly as possible. "I“m leaving for New Orleans in three days and I wanted to talk about this."

My heart dropped in my chest at his words. He was leaving.

"I am going to come back in three weeks," he said.

"Wait for me." That was all he said and it was enough to turn me into mush.

"I will, but what is this?" I couldn“t help asking.

"What you and I have, no one else has." He stood up and gave me a kiss at the corner of my mouth. Then he left.


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