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   Chapter 13

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I stood there, stunned by what just happened. I shouldn“t have been surprised, but I was. I wanted him to kiss me and he did, but I just kissed him.


My boss.

That was so unprofessional of me. I stood there for another five minutes before reality came crashing down on me. I shouldn“t have been doing this. I was . . . attracted to him.

I walked back into my apartment and shut the door behind me. I could hear the soft snores of Kimberly coming from my room. She had agreed to dogsit Yakult for me. I padded my way to the kitchen as quietly as possible and pulled the refrigerator open. I took out a bottle of water before walking to the living room and plopping myself down on the couch. I couldn“t get our date out of my head.

Was I supposed to kiss him on the first date despite his reputation? Could I really trust him? I wasn“t about to act on my attraction to him, so I decided to stay away from him until I was sure the attraction was gone.

"So, how was your date?" Kimberly asked. I didn“t even know she was up. It was past her bedtime.

I recounted my evening with Caspian to her with a silly smile on my face. I promised myself I would keep my distance, but he was too charming. I knew it was wrong, it was against my rules, but I couldn“t help myself. I was sexy, I wanted a man----Caspian, but I was to shy to get him. I wasn“t a wanton woman, I was Katherine Hayes, the perfectly groomed daughter of Harold and Cecily Hayes. I was not supposed to have a man in my head, I was better than this.

I couldn“t stop thinking about him, even when Kimberly and I retired to bed. He was too perfect. With his dark brown hair, his insanely high cheekbones, his angular jaw and his beautiful smile. I didn“t have the words to describe him.

He was divine.

I pushed him at the back of my mind and drifted off to sleep.


I walked into my penthouse with mixed emotions. I was frustrated, confused, angry---at who, I didn“t know, and flustered.

No girl ever affected me the way Katherine had tonight.

ore looking back up at my face.

"This is the girl I told you about," he continued.

A wide smile spread across her face as she looked between Caspian and I.

"I“ll be in your office. Don“t bother with the fat free ice cream, just get the strawberry ice cream for me." She left with a sly smile on her lips. It wasn“t like we were going to do anything in public, I thought.

She clearly wasn“t a toy of his because she knew about me, though I wasn“t sure what Caspian had said to her about me.

A throat being cleared snapped my attention back to the boy. My order was ready and we were holding up the line. I collected it from his hands and looked back at Caspian. He winked at me before walking up to place his order.

I walked out the shop and back to the building before going to my office.

I sat in my chair and was about to dig into my ice cream when my phone beeped.

Good morning, Kat. You look great in that dress ;)


I could feel a blush coming on my face. I happily dug into my sweet dish before getting to work.


I know. I“m a shitty author. Sorry for the wait.

The last chappy didn“t get as many votes as I expected, which was disappointing and discouraging. But I“m going to try my best, and improve in my writing skills because they suck, I know.

Again, sorry for the wait.

Much love,


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