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   Chapter 12

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The next day went by quickly. I did not see Conner or Brandon, whichever his name was, neither did I see Sydney. I had just met her, but strangely, I missed her bubbly personality.

When I got home from work, I decided to tell Kimberly about my date with Caspian. I was about to call her when she came barging in.

She looked at me with hurt written all over her face. "You haven“t talked to me in days," she said looking close to tears. "I missed you."

"You didn“t call. I didn“t call and I“m pretty sure you have been busy with Callum." I accused.

She let out a laugh at my statement.

"Callum has been really loving this past few days. He has taken me on countless dates," she said.

"Sure." I realized I couldn“t lie to her forever, so I told her.

"Are you kidding me?" She asked incredulously. "The guy basically told you he wanted to sleep with you, and here you are going on a date with him without thinking. As much as I think he is a hunk, and dating your boss is kinda kinky, I don“t think you should give in this easily." She sounded disappointed and that hurt me.

Actually, what was I thinking? That he“ll fall in love with me in the process? Get a grip Katherine.

It had been a long time a guy actually wanted to go out with me, and probably, Caspian asking me out made me think I actually had a chance at love. I couldn“t just call him up and cancel since I didn“t have his number and a little part of me was still a little excited about it.

Kimberly sensed I was over thinking and said, "If you really want to go out with him, then go. But do not sleep with him." Well she didn“t need to tell me that. "And if he tries to force you into anything you don“t want to do, don“t hesitate to call me. Okay?"

She was the bestest friend I could ever ask for.

I knew I wasn“t going to sleep with him, but there was just an inching to . . . know him.

"Thank you, Kim." I was really grateful. She was like my mom.

"No problem. Just don“t let it happen again. You can tell Mama bear anything," she said with a reassuring smile.

I was glad that was over. Immediately after she left, I got a text from Aiden. It read;

When can we schedule that meeting? I want to talk to you. It“s urgent.


The message left my heart pounding. I didn“t even know how he got my new number!

I decided not to reply and dropped my phone like it was on fire.


It was Sunday. The day of the date. I don“t know why, but I was nervous. There was something about Caspian. He made me want to . . . know him, and not in that way.

It was finally eight. I slipped on a red dress which had a slit on the side and black heels. I styled my hair into a French twist and applied minimal make-up.

While putting on my shoes I heard a knock on the door. I took a deep breath and opened it. The sight before me made my mouth water.

I inspected Caspian from head to toe, and boy did I feel fuzzy all of a sudden. He was dressed in a grey suit, his hair combed back and a bouquet of roses in hand. Something at the

I didn“t know what to make of it.

"I mean I want to know you more."

An unconscious smile made its way onto my lips.


I wanted to see her again. I knew what I was feeling. I was to scared to admit it. So I said the only thing I knew was safe to say.

"I mean I want to see you again." I knew I was going to . . . feel something for someone at a point. But I didn“t expect it to be so soon.

When I took her out to dinner, I got to know her more. Though she only knew a handful about me, I got to know a lot about her. I knew she was a kind and gentle soul and a part of me wanted to taint her.

As crude as that might have sounded, I did. I felt I wanted to protect her, keep her close. I couldn“t exactly put a name on what I was feeling tonight, I just wanted to see her.

God, I“m becoming a pansy because if a girl. I didn“t expect this to happen.

I wanted to see where this went. I had seen something with my mom and dad, and with Phillip and Gardenia. I wanted it but not this soon. I decided to leave so I could sort myself out.

I laid a gentle kiss on her lips and backed away, leaving her shocked on her doorstep.


Okay, I put a lot into this chapter so you“d better vote and comment. I thought I lacked the inspiration to write this chapter but I wrote this in a day! Can you believe it?! I hoped you love this chapter as much as I do so please, please vote and comment my lovelies. Caspian is so charming in this chapter, I want me a him.

Also... A lot of you have been saying Katherine shouldn“t give in to Caspian this easily, but I say... Bleh. I don“t think so. When love hits you, it hits hard. They both don“t know or understand what they feel and while I understand some of you want her to hold out... I don“t. I think they are getting somewhere. And no one should say she“s being easy. I“ll delete your comment and block you.

Also this was one long ass chapter. Have you guys ever read The Simple Truth About Love? Read it. It“s lovely.

Till next time my loves,


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