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   Chapter 11

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I decided to go shopping on Friday for my “date“ with Caspian. To say I was nervous as hell was an understatement. I wanted to look good yet I didn“t want to seem to excited at the same time.

By the next day, the office was buzzing with gossip about Caspian and I. It came to my notice when I walked into the canteen for the first time. I strutted in, unsuspecting and decided I was going to get the chicken salad. I noticed a group of people looking in my direction and talking.

"Hi. I“m Connor," a deep voice said from behind me. I flinched at the loud voice which caught me off guard.

Connor was tall. He should have been a little above six feet with topaz eyes and an angular jaw. He had blonde hair which was slicked back and gentle but striking features, and a buff and muscular build. He managed to keep his boy next door look.

How is that even possible?

He tapped his foot, waiting for me to acknowledge him. I blushed, having been caught scrutinizing him. I felt it was rude to look at someone that way. I really needed to stop that.

"Katherine." I said still feeling a little flustered. He chuckled softly at my discomfort before taking my hand and kissing it.

"I know who you are. In fact, everyone does," he said with a little laugh, "Come sit with me."

I allowed him to drag me along, forgetting the reason why I was in the canteen. We took our seats. Not wanting to look him in the eye, I looked around and examined the canteen.

"Sorry to say, but there are rumors," he said coyly. That caught my attention.

"What rumors?" I questioned, slightly panicked.

"That you are screwing the big boss?" He looked uncomfortable asking, which made me wonder why he asked.

"No," I said in a clipped tone. The question put me in a bad mood. No doubt, Melanie ran her mouth. "I thought for a man your age and size, you would be wise enough not to waste your time on silly gossip about poor

out a bark and tried to jump out of my arms but I held him back. He probably detected shit. Aiden didn“t even flinch.

"Could we talk about this later? Maybe when I haven“t just gotten back from work?" I found myself pleading. Aiden was unpredictable in this situation; in the sense that he wasn“t usually nice.

"Ok." As he said that a smirk etched itself into his face. He gave me a wink and left but not before saying, "Your ass looks nice in that dress. Red is definitely your colour."

I think I hate red now.

When he left Yakult finally calmed down and nestled his head on my chest. I giggled at that.

I decided to check my apartment for any sinister materials, just in case he left any. When I was certain I was safe, I gave Yakult a bath before putting him to bed despite his protests. When he went to sleep, I crawled into bed and drifted to sleep.


I was going to get this chapter out sooner but I wrote it offline and when I switched on my WiFi connection, it got deleted. I swear, I“m not clumsy and I saved it.

Why the hell did you guys not tell me I wrote the prologue-chap 2 in present tense. Why?!!!

Anyways we reached #80 in romance and I cannot thank you guys enough. <3.

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