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   Chapter 9

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Yawning, I stretched and felt ready to start the new day. Letting my thoughts drift to last night, a slow smile etched itself on my face. I was in la la land when I heard a screech.

Groaning, I walked out of bed not bothering with my appearance, to go check what the ruckus was about.

I walked into my kitchen to find my brother and friend staring at each other with a horrified look. My brother was standing in just his boxers.

Giving his neck a smack, I pushed him out of my kitchen and told him to go put on some clothes.

"Your brother is a hottie."

Raising a perfectly waxed eyebrow, I questioned her a appalling attitude.

"Don“t you have a boyfriend?" I questioned.

"Yes I do, but that doesn“t mean I can“t appreciate a nice piece of ass," she retorted with a grin.

"My brother is off limits. Why don“t you like close your vagina or something," I joked.

"Hey that“s not fair, you get the hot brother, the hot boss, the hot ex boyfriend and the hot dad," she said as she pouted.

"Okay, that“s gross. First off Aiden was never my boyfriend, he was just my almost husband and secondly, you don“t get to call my dad “hot“," I said putting bunny ears around the hot with my fingers "he“s married and I trust you don“t do married guys. Right?"

"Of course not, how could you think so low of me," she said dramatically.

In the middle of our playful banter, my brother walked out fully dressed in a hoodie and sweatpants. He kissed me on the cheek before turning to Kimberly.

"So, what“s your name short-stuff."

"Kimberly," she said dryly.

I left both of them in the kitchen to go get dressed for work. Something tells me today“s going to be eventful.

I walked out of my room and told Reggie I was leaving.

"Where“s Kimberly?" I said when I walked out.

"She left."

"Can we have lunch together today," he says playing with the tips of his hair, a habit of his when he is nervous.

"Sure. I“ll call you when it“s time for my lunch break. Did you really think I“ll say no, I“m still your little Chocolate," I say with a smile before I left.


"Has the advertising agency sent the bill," I said looking at Leo with scrutiny.

"Yes ma“am, it“s in the second drawer in your office," he said fidgeting under my intense gaze.

Giving him a full blown smile, I walked back into my office. He must think I“

p“, just like me. He just made my life miserable because he felt it was my fault we were forced into it according to what he kept on telling me."

"That“s what you get for crushing on him for years."

"Well thanks for blabbing about it to him."

Aiden and Reginald were friends. Were being the keyword. Aiden loathed me with such raw passion, it was like Leonardo da Vinci“s passion for painting. I don“t know why they stopped being friends, but it was long before we were engaged.

"Don“t worry, it“s probably a relief for me to finally be out of his hair. And if he tries anything funny, we can fight him off together. Right?" I said with a smile.

He smiled back, "Yes we can."

And with that we ordered our food and caught up. Our nice chat helped me forget all that happened at the office.

For now.

I could worry about dad later. Reggie later told me he had to go to Nevada to see our parents and help dad out with the company. The news made me slightly sad, but after reassuring me he would be back before I knew it, we continued chatting away happily. I called Leo to cancel all my appointments for the day we I would not be going back to work.

But I couldn“t help but feel guilty I was the reason they had to work so hard to save the company.


I updated quickly. Faster than I thought actually. Well now we know Aiden is not a threat to our couple. I hope I cleared up some questions about Aiden and her family life.

We“ll get to see more of Aiden soon or later. I don“t know...

Aiden at the top.

See you next time.



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