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   Chapter 8

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I walked into the kitchen with my brother tagging along. I was ecstatic he was here.

"There“s some mutt in your room. Jumped right at me probably thinking I was some intruder. I had to lock it in" he said with distaste.

Reginald loathed dogs.

My brother was 6“3 in height and devilishly handsome. His blond hair he got from my mom was very conspicuous. He could make girls swoon at the sight of him with just one glance in their direction. Even I, his sister could say so. But he had the heart of a child... A very small and cute child. He had this kind of cheeks that had the pink tinge permanently on them.

"I missed you," he said looking at me with his puppy dog eyes. He always looks cute when he does that, I know he doesn“t do it intentionally but anytime I tell him that he gets angry.

"I missed you too," I said back trying to keep my emotions at bay.

"Mum told me why you moved out," he said compassionately but still managing to look angry.

"Yeah," I said looking away.

The plan for the company was for me to get married to Aiden after which he and my brother would head the company together. My dad and Aiden“s dad believed that by uniting their airlines it would guarantee longevity and Aiden and Reggie would head the company together.

Lost in my thoughts, I failed to notice Yakult bounding out of my room.

Towards Reginald.

Noticing the dog moving towards him, Reggie ducked behind the counter. I chuckled a little before picking up my little fluff ball.

"Hey big guy," I said as Yakult licked my cheek.

"That“s Uncle Reggie. Be nice to him." Seeming to understand me, he let out a bark in Reggie“s direction.

"Uh thanks," he said hesitantly, "I think I“ll just go take a nap before I call dad."

At the mention of

sked wanting her to say the words while still retaining the smirk on my face.


"Hold on a second," I said back eyeing her skimpy lingerie which left little to the imagination.

"No problem," she said without hesitation. And with that she strutted towards me.

She pulled down my pants and wasted no time in getting to work.


I pulled out of her when we were both satisfied. I picked up the intercom to call my driver to take her home before I remembered I let him take a break for the week.

"Get your clothes I“ll drop you home. I just have to take a quick shower and change into some good clothes," I said before kissing her harshly.

I walked out of my room before spotting her admiring the hickeys on her neck in a mirror.

"Let“s go."


Okay, please don“t hate me. I wrote this on my bed yesterday because I was sick.

I have a huge chunk of the next chapter written already. I know this is very short but I felt I needed to get this out already. The next chapter is when it gets real.

Reginald at the top.

Oh and before I forget CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS ALLOWED. Keep in mind English is my second language.


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