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   Chapter 7

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"Kimberlyyyy" I say drawing out her name in frustration.

"What?" She says giggling at my frustration.

"Stop touching my hair" I yelled pulling my hair out of her hands.

"But it“s so soft" she replies in a whiny voice.

I knew I shouldn“t have let her drink to much.

"Look, I have to get my presentation ready for tomorrow“s meeting and you doing this is not helping me think".

"Sorry but I“m bored it“s so hot"

If there“s one thing I“ve noticed about Kimberly it“s that when she gets drunk she turns into a whiny little girl.

"Go sit in the corner, you are getting a time out" I said in my best parent voice.

"You can“t give me a time out, you“re not my mom" she snapped back but with a stern glare from me she begrudgingly dragged her feet to the corner.

"Finally" I said in relief.

3 hours later...

Finally, I“m done. Who knew that preparing a PowerPoint presentation just for the marketing of a new phone model could be so tiring. I put in a lot of work, time and energy into this so that meeting better go well. I have no idea about tech stuff but I“m just there to market... Which makes me wonder why I even got the job.


The next morning I woke up cheerily and had a bubble bath before eating a wonderful breakfast. I decided to straighten out my hair and push it all to the side on my left shoulder with a Bobby pin holding it in place. I decided to put on a black pant suit and and my three inch Jimmy Choo before grabbing my Louis Vuitton handbag.

I left my apartment with a skip in my steps; strangely excited for my first meeting.

I walked over to Kimberly who lay passed out on my floor.

"Kimberly, wake up." I said "Let“s get you to bed."


Getting to the office seemed to take a little more time than it usually

m anything and he was a very good listener. I ran away from home when my dad got tired of postponing the engagement.

He hugged me back with equal enthusiasm and kissed me on my cheek.

"I missed you chocolate," he said making me snort at his nickname for me because of my obsession with chocolate.


"I want you to spy on Ms Hayes," my dad said as soon as we entered into my office formerly his.

I completely understood where he was coming from because she could be up to anything.

"Okay dad."

He walked out of my office as soon as he I replied.

"Chantel, send Sydney up" I said, hanging up before she could reply.


"Oh. Yes. Right there" screamed Sydney.

Whispering a few more dirty words into her ear, we both found our release.


Okay. I said five votes but I“m sure you are pretty surprised about this update. My only explanation for this is the fact that I was and still am lazy. I was planning on updating but I had midterms so... Sorry. I change the company“s name to Octa because I wanted it to be a technology company that produces gadgets, electrical appliances, home stuff etc kinda like LG. Thanks

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