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   Chapter 5

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Leaving his office trying to keep my head high and acting like his obvious flirting did not affect me took me a lot of courage.

When I was younger boys rarely paid attention to me so having someone who looks like a Greek god flirt with me left me slightly disoriented.

He wasn“t flirting with you.

Was he?

I don“t know.

I walked to the elevator pressing the twelfth floor before I saw a man holding a rather heavy looking briefcase.

"Hold the elevator" the man shouted.

More like screeched.

"Thank you" he says looking out of breath.

"No problem" I said.

This was when I really took my time to really examine this strange man“s face. He had glasses perched at the tip of his nose and the cutest green candy apple eyes I had ever seen. His hair was sleeked back with just the right amount of hair gel and he was wearing a professional business suit.

“Of course he has to wear one. This is a professional organisation“. My subconscious piped in sarcastically.

Choosing to ignore her, I looked up at the gentleman staring down at me too.

"Have I seen you before?, I don“t think you work here"

"Oh sorry, I“m the new head of marketing. The name“s Katherine Hayes. Nice to meet your acquaintance".

"Ohhh. I“m Leo. Leonardo Gray. I“m your new personal assistant. I was to meet you on the twelfth floor but I had to come here to do some things"

"Ohhh. No problem Mr Grey" I said giving him a small smile.

The ride elevator ride to the twelfth floor was quick and strangle enough we were the only people in it. Others were probably working.

Sorting the piled up paperwork before the end of the day was a near impossible task, but I managed to finish up by seven pm before going home.

Walking out of the building, I spot a shadow beside a nice looking Rolls Royce. The figure looks over at me for a while before they get into their car and drive off.


On getting home I park my car and walk into my apartment building.

"Good evening ma“am" the doorman, I think his name“s Renaldo says.

With a small smile and nod of acknowledgement in his direction I get into the elevator and press my floor button.

I open my door unsuspecting fiddling with the light switch before turning it on when I hear a bark and see a dog jumping into my arms.

"Sorry, I tried to calm him down but he was just so excited" Kim says coming out of my kitchen.

I looked back at the dog in my arms who was trying to lick my face.

"First, how did you get into my apartment and second why do you have a dog with you and third why do you look like that" I said, pointing at her hair which looked like...

"Oh my god. Did you have sex?!!" I asked her.

She nodded sheepishly.

"Please tell me it wasn“t in my apartment??!!" I say looking horrified at the thought.

"No, I didn“t.." she said before I cut her off with my rambling.

"Wait. But you just broke up with Callum on Friday an--" I said before she cut me off.

"Will you just let me talk for a second because you sure have a lot of questions you“ve asked and haven“t given me the chance to answer" she said frustratedly.

Just then the dog decided to make its presence known once again by barking and I pat his head a go to sit down motioning for Kimberly to do the same.

"Okay her goes. I got into your apartment with the spare key you put under the doormat which I know about when you left your keys at in your car last week and the dog is a gift of appreciation to you for being the best friend I could ask for--" she said.

"Aww, thank you. I know I am, a lot of people tell--" I stopped talking when she leveled me with a glare.

"Well I did have sex but the problem is it was with Callum" she said.

"He came over to my apartment apologizing for what he said and he said he“s ready to settle down and I said no and before I knew it there was kissing and touching and t

hen it was no clothes and all and it was on my couch and all, then he told me he loved me and I realized what I had done then I left him at mines and cam here" she said in one breath.

"So I get to keep the dog and you had sex in your living room?".

"So from all I said you only care about that" she said irritatedly and scoffed.

"Sorry but he“s just so cute" I said while petting the dog while he slept.

The girl needs a friend and all you care about is the dog.

"Everything is going to be okay" I did pulling her into me.

"I think I should give him a chance" Kimberly sid fiddling with her fingers.

"I think so too but don“t let grow to attached during early stage of the relationship and let him earn your trust back".

"Thanks Katie"

Putting the dog down on the couch I walk towards my bedroom.

"I“m going to change Kimberly, I“ll be right back".

"Okay, I“ll be waiting".

"Ohhh, and don“t eat all my ice cream before I get back".

"No promises".

With a small laugh I walk into my bedroom and take a shower before changing into short shorts and a tank top.

"Damn girl, if I“d totally do you" Kim said after she let out a wolf whistle.

Recognizing the weird look on my face when she said that she turns back to eating her ice cream.

"I“m more sex starved than I thought" she said.

"You just fucked Callum" I said "you are just horny".

"Anyways how was you first day of work" she said excitedly.

"It was okay. My personal assistant is a hunk and complete Italian though he is a bit on the nerdy side--".

"Ohhh. Are you going to do him?" she said cutting me off.

"No, of course not. Why would you think that? I don“t mix business with pleasure" I said looking horrified at the thought.

A moment of silence fell over us before I spoke.

"It seems like since you slept with Callum again all you“ve been thinking about is sex".

"Well, thank you Virgin Mary."

"Thank you very much. I“ll like to keep it that way until I meet the right guy."

Ignoring my statement, she responds to my earlier comment.

"I just really like him—you know. He is a gentleman and a really nice guy. He“s compassionate, which is essential because he“s a doctor–." Wanting to stop her mid day dream, I opened my mouth to speak up but turns out, I didn“t need to.

Just then the dog decided to wake up and he let out a loud bark to alert us of his presence.

"Sooo, your boss..." Kimberly said looking at me creepily.

"What about him?"

"I told you about him after my interview"

"Do you like him?" she said going straight to the point.

"Of course not, I told you I don“t mix business with pleasure".

I didn“t realise just how wrong I was.

Caspian“s POV

"Ohh, yes right there.." the girl in my bed said.

I continued my thrusts as I grinded my hips right before I came. I pulled out of the girl in my bed and rolled to the side of the bed trying to steady my breathing.

Damn, I“m getting old.

"Should we go again?" Sydney said.

"No thanks. Get your shit and leave" I did standing up to go get rid of the condom.

"I thought I was staying the night" she said trying to purr but it came out as a squeal.

"Have you ever stayed the night?" I said confused as to why she said that.

"B-but—," she stammered

"Leave," I said in a voice that left no room for argument.

"Okay. Call me" she said while retrieving her clothes from the floor still panting.

Yup, I still got it.

I took a shower thinking of a certain black haired and curvy beauty before climbing into my bed drifting of to sleep.


I“m so sorry for not updating like I said I would and I have no excuse for that but for the fact that I was lazy. Thank you for being patient and a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all my readers and thank you for FIVE HUNDRED READS. I love you all so much.

Bye, till next time.

Yours truly,


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