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   Chapter 4

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I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. Is it just me or am I the only one that finds the loud blaring of an iPhone annoying.

"Hello?" I said groggily, sounding more like I was asking a question than making a statement.

"I“m coming over in twenty minutes".

"Good morning to you too" I said to Kim.

Kim and I had grown really close since we met at the grocery store that day. I found out she was a really outgoing and bubbly person but she was also on the wild side. She had a job as the manager of a really fancy restaurant.

"Shut the fuck up".

"Hey, don“t talk to me like that, I didn“t do anything".

"Yeah right, you didn“t call yesterday after your interview".

"Ohhh.. I“m so sorry, I was really tired an--". I didn“t finish my sentence before I heard the dial tone.

“Wow, she hung up on me“ I whispered to myself.

I decided to go brush my teeth and make myself presentable before she gets here. I walked into my bathroom and I take a look at the mirror and see my hair which resembled a bird“s nest and my makeup from the day before smudged. I was still wearing the clothes from the interview. Wow, my mum will be so disappointed if she saw me like this.

I ran my hands through my hair in attempt to tidy it up a little and threw on a baggy shirt that reached my knees.

So I buy some men“s clothes. Sue me.

I heard a knock on the door of my apartment and walked out of the bathroom to open the door. Before I got to the door the door burst open and in came my one and only best friend.

"Mama bear is home" Kim said.

"You are such a geek".

"Why thank you. Wait, you just woke up?".

"No shit Sherlock".

"Oh I“m sorry, I didn“t know you were still asleep" Kim apologized but I knew she didn“t mean it.

"You didn“t know or you just decided to ignore that fact and disturb my sleep by calling me by six in the morning?".

"Maybe??" she said sheepishly.

"Whatever, so what brings you here this early morning".

"You didn“t tell me how your interview went and you promised to call" she said looking offended.

"Oh, I“m sorry. But guess what?".

"You got the job, yeah I figured" she said still looking offended.

"So, I met my new boss and he was... Oh my gosh, he is so hot".

"Yeah I know, won“t you offer me a seat". Kim has this weird rule where she doesn“t sit until told to.

"Oh sorry, have a seat".


"What“s got your thong in a twist?" I said, as I mentally high fived myself for my smartass comment about her underwear.

"First, you“re so silly but I won“t deny I“m wearing a thong and secondly Callum broke up with me" she said without batting and eyelid.

I looked at her doubtfully because I knew she wanted someone to talk to because she always talked about him and she was always going on and on about their awesome relationship. They had been dating for a year and she looked like she was in love with him.

"C“mere" I told her, she rushed to hug me and started bawling her eyes out, "Let it all out" I continued soothing her as she kept on crying.

After some time she stopped crying and looked at me and muttered a small thank you.

"Sure any time but anyways why did he break up with you" I said sympathetically.

"He said I“m to clingy and needy and he didn“t want to be tied down yet".

I took a deep breath to prevent myself from spewing out profanities at him. Though I haven“t personally met the guy, I thought he would be a really nice guy but apparently not.

"Don“t worry you will get through this okay".

We watched a little TV and ate ice cream before Kim left saying she had to be at work the next morning. That reminded me that I should go get some more clothes for work tomorrow.

My weekend went by pretty uneventfully and soon it was time for my first day of work.


I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm blaring.

"Five more munits" I muttered incoherently.

I opened one eye and looked at the devil“s incarnate sitting on my bedside drawer and looked at the time.

"Shit it“s seven o“clock".

Jogging over to the bathroom I remove my clothes and stepped into the shower. I am hit with cold water as I s

witch on the showerhead.

"Fuck, I haven“t paid the water bill yet".

“Aren“t you full of colourful words this morning“ my subconscious added snarkly .

"Shut up" I snapped back.

When I was done showering, I walked out of the bathroom wrapping a towel around myself in the process.

I walked into my room and started picking out my clothes for my first day of work. I choose a see through dark blue top and an orange high waisted skirt and three inch black open toe heels.

When I walked out of my room, I walked over to the kitchen and fixed up a big chocolate filled breakfast for myself. Since I know how to cook and bake a lot, I make myself a loot of sweet things.I really loved anything chocolate, you can say I have a sweet tooth.

I walked out of my apartment and got into my BMW. On my way to work I thought a lot about my life and my dad. I had been keeping in touch with mom and she told me dad has been working his butt off to help the business. My mom told me my dad has been hanging of the thread and insisting on bringing me back home. She also had to go into some really disgusting things I still have a hard time getting out of my head.

“Your dad has been wearing me out cause of you“. Her words not mine.

When got to work, I walked in and saw the same nice receptionist I met on the day of my interview.

"I see you got the job. Congratulations." she said.

"Yes, thank you".

"Before you start the CEO requested to see you to give you a run down of the do“s and don“ts.

"Thank you so very much" I said.

I dragged myself into the elevator and pressed the thirty second floor. I walked to the secretary and told her I wanted to see the CEO.

"Go right in" she said in a mocking manner.

I was about to give her a price of my munr when the huge double glass doors suddenly burst open.

"You can come in now Ms. Hayes" the husky voice said. Oh my gosh, why does his voice have to be so sexy.

"Thank you sir".

I walked in to his office and stood in front of his table as he walked around me. Like literally walked around me. I mean how creepy is that.

"Take a seat" he said after about two minutes.

"Thank you" I said back.

"You know that“s the only word I“ve heard you say to me since you got here" he said with a smirk.

"Why don“t we get down to business, shall we?" I said in my best professional voice.

He raises an eyebrow at me in question but a smirk makes its way to his lips after a little while.

"OK" was his short reply.

After talking about business for over an hour he finally dismisses me.

"There is going to be a meeting tomorrow at ten, don“t be late" he tells me strictly.

"Your personal assistant will be waiting for you in your office which is on the twelfth floor".

"Thank you, once again" he smirks at my statement.

I do a mental happy dance and walk out of his office. The secretary giving me the usual stink eye, I mean does she do that to every female she sees.


“She“s so sexy“ I think to myself after she leaves my office. I think I just found a new conquest. I mean who doesn“t like a good game. She doesn“t seem like someone to give herself to me easily but it“s all in the game. Damn, I“m getting a boner just thinking about her.

I picked up my iPhone 7 plus and call Sydney. I need to get rid of this boner fast.

"Sydney, come to my office now" I said before hanging up.


I know, I know. I haven“t updated in a while, OK make that a long time. But I really needed to read for exams and now I“m almost done with them. This chapter came out faster than I actually expected because i was experiencing severe writer“s block and I was actually too lazy to start writing it until after about two weeks since my last update. So sorry. But this chapter is the longest now I“ve ever written and it“s over about one thousand four hundred words. But now the story is already falling into place and soon the real drama will start.

So, I“m in need of someone to help me edit my stories and if you are willing to offer PM me and also some good covers.

Thank you.

Remember to vote, comment and share.

Yours truly,

Simisola. :)

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