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   Chapter 3

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It“s been three weeks of me looking for a job and I have been called for some interviews, maybe it was one of the perks of studying at an Ivy league university. I got a bachelor“s degree in business management at Dartmouth college and later went to Harvard for my master“s degree program. It was also my father“s choice because Dartmouth was his alma mater.

This is my third interview for some big shot company and to say I“m nervous is an understatement. My dad used to do business with the company and I know that they only hire the best and their expectations are very high. I look at the time and it“s 8:04am. My interview starts at 9:00 and I have to get there early to make a good impression.

I get into my BMW and input the address of the company on my GPS. It“s only about twenty three minutes from my apartment. When I get there I park my car and get out of the car and look at the tall building. It is even bigger than my dad“s company, probably about thirty floors up.


I walk inside the huge building and go to the front desk and I see a lovely woman of about thirty two years old talking on the phone. Reading the name on her name plate which says Fiona, I smile at her.

"Good morning, I am he--"

She holds a hand out to stop me from talking and motions to the phone pressed to her ear. I mutter a silent apology to her and when she“s done she smiles at me.

"Good morning, you are welcome to Octa, how may I help you," she said kindly.

"Good morning, I am here for the interview for the position of the head of the marketing department."

I noticed she scrutinized my appearance and was probably wondering why some one so young would apply for a position so high and expect to get it. She gave me a quick smile and directed me to the 32nd floor where the interview would take place.

"Thanks so much," I said to her.

"No problem, you look young but really maybe you will get the job. Good luck, you will need it." Offering her a small smile, I proceeded.

I walked to the elevator and brushed my hand over my outfit in case of any wrinkles. I was wearing a black high waisted skirt and a silk white shirt topped with a blue jacket. I was wearing the pearl earrings my mom gave me on my twentieth birthday and black open toe four inch heels. My outfit should be good enough. Right?


The elevator door opened and since I was going to the last floor I would be the last person to get off. When it finally got to the thirty second floor after what seemed like a lifetime, I walked out with my head held high.

The 32nd floor had only a few people. This was the floor of the CEO and only his secretary, personal assistant and a few other executives where here. The CEO was to conduct the interview for me and I was sweating bullets.

I walked to the receptionist and greeted her.

"Umm.. good morning I am here for the interview"

The top floor receptionist was a woman who looked to be in her late forties. She looked very cheerful.

"Oh, Good morning. I“m Beatrice, how can I be of assistance" she said with a really bright smile, I was wondering how her face hadn“t split in half.

"What“s your name honey"

"Katherine Hayes" I said

"Ohhh just sit down right there, the CEO will be right with you"


My interview was probably the last one conducted as I had learnt from my dad that this company narrows down the amount of candidates to three and seeing as how my interview was to take place at nine, I should be the last person. My dad tried to get information on all of his rival companies even if he does business with them, I guess that“s just how it is in the business world, that“s how I know all this.

"It was all about money—."

Just like how he was willing to “trade“ me for more money and fame.

As I go to take my seat I pass by his secretary and she looks at me with disgust like I“m the piece of gum at the bottom of her shoes. She was the stereotypical blonde bitch, not that I have anything against blondes because for her to have been hired she must have had good qualifications.


"The CEO will see you now" the secretary says when she came out of the huge double glass doors in front of me.

I manage to mutter a thanks and head for the door.

"Come in" said a deep velvety voice from the other side.

I enter and the first thing I do is to take in my surroundings. There are folders in a neat stack on the mahogany desk, cabinets that look well managed and except for one that was open and looked slightly disorganized. On the right side of the huge office was glass floor to ceiling windows and a mini fridge stood at the corner of the room. There was also a door at the left hand side of the very spacious office.

I looked back at the CEO after my millisecond observation.


I was standing in front of THE Caspian Pierce. He looked hotter in person, he was all over the media apparently because of his looks and his ruthlessness in business and apparently he modeled sometimes. He looked cold and stoic obviously in business mode.

He had dark brown hair, a really defined jawline and blue eyes. He was sexily clad in an Armani suit and had an athletic physique, and a beautifully proportioned body.

I looked back at him and he had a smirk on his face as he shamelessly checked me out too. Wow, perverted much!!.

“You are one to talk“ my subconscious piped.

“Shut up“ I snapped back.

Wow, now I“m talking to myself. I“m I that nervous... I shouldn“t be. Maybe I“m just...

The clearing of someone“s throat snapped me out of my thoughts.

"So let“s get started, take a seat" he said after some time.

"Thank you sir". I took a seat and crossed my legs.

He takes a look at my CV and after some time dropped it on his table.

"You have really good qualifications, but why do you think I should give you the job"

"I believe I have very much experience, I“m good at what I do and I do it whole heartedly, I“m ready to put in my all into this job and with the help of the marketing department we can excel" I said without missing a beat. Thank goodness.

"I know you are the daughter of Harold Hayes, why decide to leave home and come work here, rumor has it you left"

I totally wasn“t expecting him to bring that up, how stupid of me to think he wouldn“t have done a background check.

"That“s a personal question I would rather not answer as it has no relevance to this" I said a little irritatedly.

"Hmm very well"

Throughout the interview process he remained cold and stoic.


"You“ve got the job, but you will be under supervision for the first six months and your ability will be looked into. Your pay would be $200,000 a year and increase would be discussed once you are deemed fit. You start Monday by 8:00am sharp, tardiness is not tolerated"

I still couldn“t get why he hired me if I was the daughter of his business rival. But I was still really happy about getting the job.

"Thank you very much sir"

He dismissed it with a wave of his hand. "Beatrice will tell you the other details you need to know".

I went home with only one thought on my mind.

I got the job.


Picture attached: Caspian. He is played by Nick Bateman.

That“s probably the longest chapter I have written. I hope you liked it. Don“t forget to vote, comment and share. Don“t be a silent reader.

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