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   Chapter 2

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Kate“s POV

I looked around my small sized apartment and sighed. It“s better than nothing. It was fairly decorated and had a little furniture here and there but it is enough for me... for now. When I left my parents I found out my dad froze my bank account probably thinking I wouldn“t have money and come begging for his forgiveness. I had some money left being a heiress and all from a bank account I opened myself. I decided to spend money as minimally as possible because I didn“t know how long I would be jobless. Trying to shake those thoughts out of my head I walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.

I guess I am not completely done... I really need to go grocery shopping. I looked at the time and it was 3:30 pm.

I walked out of my apartment and got into my BMW and searched for the nearest grocery store using Google maps.

“Cheerios or Doritos“

I really couldn“t decide on what to get so I got both. As I was walking to the cashier to pay for my groceries I bumped into someone.

"Watch where you are going" I said regaining my balance.

"I am so sorry" the girl I bumped into said. I took this time to scrutinize the girls appearance. She was blonde, she stood about 5“4 just a little shorter than my 5“7 height. She had green eyes and wore a white crop top, blur jeans and a pair of combat boots.

"Ohhh sorry, it“s my fault also for not watching where I was going. My name“s Kate."


"Nice to meet you, I actually like your fashion sense"

"Thanks, you look nice to. I can tell we will be great friends" she said.

I laughed, she was really outgoing.

"I could be a serial killer sent from the future to destroy you because some kind of laser thingy you invented to prevent vampires from invading the earth"

We both laughed at this.

"I doubt that, besides I hate science"


"I am not really good at the whole math stuff and all that shit"

We both walked to the cashier to pay for our groceries. As we walked out of the grocery store, Kim asked me for my number. I gladly gave it to her because I remember my therapist saying something about surrounding myself with positive people.

As I drove back home I couldn“t stop thinking about my parents, I remember telling my mom I would call her but I forgot, I will make sure to do that and have the dreaded phone call. I will have to call her at night.

"Hello mum, it“s me Kate"

My mom let out a gasp and then I heard sheets ruffling. "It“s really you. I thought you would not call like you said, your father has been worried sick"

I snorted at that.

"And what exactly did he say to make you say he has been worried about me"

"Kate look I know he hasn“t been the best father but he regrets his actions now. He really loves you"

"Look mom, I“m not holding anything against Dad but I just need this

right now you know. I need to find myself and find love. I am not mad at Dad because nothing about his attitude is new but I am tired of it. It“s just so frustrating that he thinks he can boss me around and I don“t want that"

"So what you are saying is you are not mad at you Dad and you have forgiven him"

"Yes mom, that“s what I am saying"

I know it“s probably stupid for me to forgive him that easily especially when I was going through depression right under his nose and he didn“t seem to care but, it“s paternal love and I don“t think I can stay mad at someone for that long. I could say I was just a forgiving person.

"Thank goodness, your father has been working none stop to get the company back up and he has been so sad. I don“t think he can do it," my mom sighed, "Should I tell him about your decision to forgive him?"

I thought about this for a while and decided to let her tell him because I have seen what depression can do to people and if he is not careful he can fall into it.

"Yes mom you can."

My mom squealed and I laughed, so typical of her. She could be a drama queen at times.

"So does this mean you are coming back home?" she asked hopefully. I sighed, I really didn“t want to break her heart like this but I just couldn“t do what she wanted.

"No mom, I can“t" I said, "I already told you, I need to find myself, and back home it“s like I“m caged, don“t you get it mom?"

"Ok. So we will talk later?" She asked hopefully.

I laughed at her unsure tone."Of course mom, I will never forget you, you are like a major part of my life."

"Bye love, I got to go break the news to your father," she said. “Maybe I can get some tonight,“ she muttered quietly.

Yuck, I did not need to know that.

"Ew! Mom keep those thoughts to yourself."

"Shut up child. Bye, be safe out there."

With a deep breath, I asked her a question I had to know the answer to. "Mom... does Dad know where I am?"

She sighed. That was a bad sign.

"Yes he does, but I convinced him to give you some space. Now I know he won“t let you be for long, but I can try soothe his wounded pride for a little while."

"Thanks a bunch mum."

"No problem, he is thinking about getting some loans from some of his business partners so he doesn“t need to comply to the Carlton“s conditions."

"Ok mom I will call you some other time then, bye mom."

"Goodnight, sweetheart."

Maybe I should have moved to Texas, I thought. I dispelled the thought immediately. I felt New York was were I was going to establish myself and make something out of myself.

I decided to get some sleep and start my job hunt tomorrow.

Author“s note

Picture above is Kate. She“s Kylie Jenner.

That“s that, I hope it wasn“t too bad. It“s my first book and I am trying really hard. Remember to vote , like comment and share.

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