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   Chapter 1

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Kate“s POV

I“m leaving.

I can“t take this anymore.

6 hours earlier

"I can“t marry him mom" I pleaded, "Please tell Dad, I can“t"

"There is nothing I can do about it my child, please try to understand" my mom pleaded back. "Please understand you are doing this for me and your father, without this our business will go bankrupt"

Wow, just wow.

"So you are willing to sell your daughter“s happiness for the success of your business"


"Don“t Kate me, you even have the audacity to shamelessly tell me that" I laughed bitterly.

"You will not speak to me like that young lady, your father and I are doing this for you---"

"How is this for me, I didn“t expect this from you mom, I didn“t"

"That“s enough young lady" came my dad“s booming voice.

I looked towards the door of my room and saw him come in. He was always like that, always able to direct people“s attention to him whenever he wanted. He was never really a father to me now he comes to interfere with my life asking me to get married to a man I don“t love.


"You will do as I say young lady or consider yourself disowned."

"What!" I screamed.

"What!" This came from my mom.

"You can“t mean that Dad." Even though he wasn“t a good dad didn“t mean I didn“t love him.

"Well I am not joking, now seeing as you are ready to comply I suggest to go get ready for your date with Aiden."

I was livid.

Aiden Carlton, the sole heir to the Carlton fortune. As sexy as his name sounded he was the biggest jerk known to mankind. He had the personality of a dog and an ego the size of Mount Everest. He always made me feel so small. I suffered from depression for about two years. Yes, my Dad had been pushing me to marry him for three years. But now because of my inability to comply and now that his company is on the verge of bankruptcy he wants the wedding to be as soon as possible. My Dad knew about my depression caused by Aiden but never believed me because he was of the impression that I was lying to get out of the relationship with him. No way in hell was I going to marry him.

"You know what Dad, I have had enough. All my life I stood by the sidelines watching you take decisions for me and I never said anything, like in fifth grade when you made me take P.E when I really wanted to go to ballet class, or in

the 9th grade when you sent me off to boarding school because you wanted me to be more refined according to you standards, or since 12th grade when you always sent me on dates with your friends sons because you wanted me to find the ideal son-in-law for you, it wasn“t even the ideal husband for me...."

"That“s enough young lady"

"No it“s not enough I will continue talking for as long as I want to... you forgot about me completely since your business took off, I remember mum always telling me how much of a good father you were always buying me things, but whe--- where is that father now," I laughed bitterly "Infact I don“t think he ever existed. Sometimes I think I was just a.... YOU CAN“T EVEN ADDRESS ME BY MY CHILD OR KATE" I screeched.

"It“s always fvucking young lady" I said in a small voice.

"Dad, he made my life hell---"

I was interrupted by a deafening sound, of someone being slapped, only that someone was me.

I was hit.

He hit me.

My supposed father hit me.

Even though it wasn“t the first time he did it, it still hurt knowing my father couldn“t even believe his own daughter, he would rather believe an outsider.

"Harold!" my mom gasped.

"Don“t you dare speak like that about Aiden again, I don“t want to hear that stupid excuse you always use as to why you can“t marry him, I gave you the best childhood one could ask for yet---"

"YOU KNOW WHAT SCREW YOU. SCREW YOU DAD, I AM DONE , DISOWN ME FOR ALL I CARE. I don“t need you, Mom was the only one ever there for me so SCREW YOU".

"Kate," my mom said gently.

I know she never meant all the words she said, it was to please my father because he would obviously have been listening in on our talk.

I internally scoffed, what else is new.

"I will call you when I settle down mom" I told her.

"And where do you think you are going, even if you do go where will you go" my “father“ sneered.

"Anywhere as long as I am away from you and this stupid arrangement" I sneered back.

With one last lingering look at my father I walked out .

I am done.

So done.

Now that“s finally done.

Pic above Kate“s mom, just imagine her a little bit older .

I know this probably was the lousiest prologue ever written but I am trying my best so please encourage me. Send your love. And remember to vote, comment and share.

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