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Getting ready for the Harvest festival the next day was difficult, to say the least. No doubt my dress is a beautiful golden off-shoulder, floor-length gown and with my half my hair up in an intricate updo, I would be under the word 'Goddess' in the dictionary.

One of the many perks of being Dominic's mate is that I heal overnight, I think to myself as I swish my dress back and forth in front of the mirror. It's almost as if I didn't just give birth yesterday.

Enough, I command myself harshly before I recall yesterday's events. It's pointless to even remember it. Taking a deep breath, I adjust the V-shaped 'crown' that sits on the middle parting of my hair to make it look more straight.

"Stop touching your coronation ring or you'll ruin Masha's hard work," Dominic's voice chuckles as he enters our bedroom with his eyes raking appreciatively up my body. "The dolls did a good job with the dress given the short time frame I gave them."

In the dark of our bedroom, I ask Dominic softly, "The Harvest Festival is tomorrow isn't it?"

"Yes, and so is your bride's party that the other Gods and Goddesses' brides and grooms will be throwing for you," Dominic responded guardedly, no doubt wondering my reasoning for asking this. "I've already sent Aria and Quinn the number of candles to light since I figured you wouldn't have remembered most of it."

Aria and Quinn...Zeus and Posidon's feels like an age since I met them, I noted to myself, roughly calculating that it has been about two months since I met them. A two and a half months since I met Dominic. So much has happened between then and now that it feels like someone's pressed the fast forward button on my life.

"We're going to the festival," I stated softly, making sure to make my tone one that tells him that there's no room for argument on this matter.

"Masha has already begun making your dress for tomorrow," Dominic responds, surprising me that he's not putting up a fight on this matter. "Enough of that, Victoria. Until tomorrow morning, there is no one else in this world except you and me."

Dressed in a formal black suit with a grey tie with his hair combed back with a type of gel that gives his head a sleek wet look that has the butterflies in my stomach taking flight. When I first thought of the Harvest Festival, I thought we'd be wearing the clothes that were depicted in my Greek Mythology textbook but Gods wear the same kind clothes that those rich mortals in movies wear to formal events except a million times more extravagant.

"Are the knives necessary?" I murmur to him as he wraps his arms around my shoulders, hugging my much smaller frame to his body. "What if tonight doesn't come down to a fight like you think it will?"

"I know it will," Dominic sighs, tightening his arms around me. "Theo loves to strike when his opponent is the weakest, for example, Kronos was busy looking for

f the clicking of my heels and Dominic's shoes echo throughout our very empty home. "It wasn't her fault."

"I'm not mad at her," The man mumbles in reply as he opens the main door for me.

"Uh-huh," I hum softly, kissing his cheek as I go to the white carriage that's pulled by four white pegasuses and the boatman as the driver.

Despite what I said, Dominic ignores Masha's heartfelt farewells as the boatman heard us out of hell and into the sky towards Olympus. The journey takes a good six hours and by the time we arrive, we're just on time for the Harvest Festival to begin.

Previously in the day, Dominic had shared with me his memory of the previous Harvest Festivals that he had attended so I thought I knew what to expect once I got off of the carriage. Bright lights from stars specifically plucked from the night sky for the occasion, wonderful smells of all kinds of foods, smiling faces that are accompanied by the loud chatter of siblings catching up and the sounds of small children running amuck as servants bring out platters of offerings made by the people of the past and present.

The keyword here being 'thought'.

When we alighted from the carriage, there wasn't a sound. In fact, you could let out a silent fart and it very well could be heard by every single person in attendance here tonight. All eyes are on Dominic and I as we make our way into the common house of the gods to take our place at the head of the table seeing as our bonding is also being commended here tonight the spotlight is on us.

Over three hundred candles light the ceiling of the house of commons which makes me feel a little light-headed for a moment until a loud shout stops us midway to our seats. The voice that speaks the words is a familiar one which Dominic had mentally shared with me to expect to speak out tonight.

What I didn't expect was his choice of words.

"How dare you show up here tonight, eldest brother."

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