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   Chapter 39 NO.39

The Devil's Mate By gottabeme123 Characters: 1493

Updated: 2019-06-09 13:38

Hi guys!

Lately I've been writing the rest of The Devil's Mate when I have the time.

I realise that most of my chapters don't have pictures and I know many of you have ideas on what my characters look like. Especially Masha. Yes, I've been reading your comments. All of them.

So, I want to ask you guys, my readers, to send me drawings or even digital pictures of what you guys think Victoria, Dominic, Masha and the rest of the characters

o me as the hellfire that burns outside our home in the underworld.

He knows what happened...I realise slowly tearing my eyes away from him to look questioningly at Annie who mouths an apologetic 'sorry' over Demetri's shoulder as he envelopes her in a tight hug, inwardly I sigh regretfully.

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