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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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Meeting my eyes once the words escape my lips, Annie stares at me in shock because other than this there can't be any other rhyme or reason for this Shadow to mess with the current balance of things and using Cronus's greed for power to manipulate his children makes it seem like bad parenting which is in his favour since he'd be the least likely suspect.

The saying is 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree' right?

It makes sense but...why now? What's changed in the millions of years since the Titans left that he's come out of hiding?

"Victoria...are you alright?" Annie laughs uncomfortably, placing the back of her hand to my forehead to check for a fever. "You don't seem to be running a temperature...but we can't ever be too sure. Let's get out of here to take your temperature."

Grabbing my by my arm, Annie literally takes advantage of my confused state to drag me out of her library and back into the guest room where she takes out a thermometer from one fo the drawers on the night table and sticks it into my mouth.

My mind doesn't register Annie's weird actions until the thermometer beeps signalling that it's got a final reading, taking it out of my mouth, Annie examines the temperature as if it were a very interesting novel instead of three numbers.

"I don't have a temperature, " I huff about fifteen minutes into her staring at the thermometer, "Why did you react like that? It's just a until now we've only loosely based our attackers as Theo and Lucius but what if it's not them? That's all I'm stating."

"The Titans rein on the mortal and immortal realms ended ages ago, " Annie murmurs gravely as though I just said something very bad. "They were defeated by Theo during the Titanomachy and all of them were jailed in Tartarus. Except, Uncle Themis who is otherwise known as William Denver and Uncle Prometheus who goes by Quintin Ford of course, since they both fought on our side during the great war but the last I

"They must all pay for the sins they have committed, " his deep, husky voice replies me softly as what looks like a hand reaches out to touch my cheek, wiping off a falling tear. "You are innocent and so is this baby. You both will come to no harm I assure you."

"Why?" I foolishly ask, feeling for some reason calm in the presence of this shadowy mass. "Why are you telling me this? Why spare only us?"

"Because, " He murmurs, pressing a kiss to my forehead, the feel of his warm lips on my skin makes my heart throb. "You are pure."

"What do you mean?" I ask him shakily.

Without giving me an answer, he disappears and Annie bursts into the room with what looks to be a glowing golden sceptre in hand no more than a second since he left, her eyes are wide and alert as she looks around my room before settling her eyes on me and dropping her sceptre.

Sitting up from the bed, I wrap my arms around myself to keep my shaking at bay but I let the floodgates open when Annie asks me if I'm okay. Silent tears fall down my cheeks as I stare blankly at a spot on the bed as Annie fires question after question at me.

"What happened?" She ass desperately, sandwiching my face between her hands to have me look at her. "Ri, talk to me. Please."

Sniffling a little, I respond softly, "I don't know."

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