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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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By the time the draught is ready, I'm starting to show. My stomach domes about three times more than it was when I found out I was pregnant and according to Annie, God pregnancies tend to develop faster despite them having the same amount of incubation time as the mortals.

Meaning, by the time I'm ready to give birth this baby will come out looking like it's a one-month-old.

The idea of it should be daunting to basically anyone but right now all that's going through my mind is how the mission is going. With me looking like a miniature model of the world, we needed to have a slight change in plans so only Dominic, Demetri, Harold and Danny went to save Danny's parents.

Annie voted to stay with me in case that 'shadow' person came back to harm me. To be honest I would rather be at The Covenant's base where everyone else instead of sitting here in front of a large flat screen TV with a large bow of coffee flavoured popcorn watching Legally Blonde.

"How could he!" Annie shouts at the TV, throwing popcorn at it as the last scene where Elle's ex is codling her by calling her 'Poobear'. "He literally dumped her to be engaged to the other one and then he suddenly wants to be with her again once she's famous! He's full of-"

"Mind you there is a baby present here, " I warn her just as she is about to finish her sentence. "Though he or she has yet to make an appearance I read somewhere that babies in the womb can sometimes retain what they hear."

Rolling her eyes, she takes a handful of my popcorn and stuffs it into her mouth in indignation. Despite her outwardly carefree appearance, I know she's nervous. We've both been on the edge since our husbands left and we are also hyper-aware of our bodies in case we feel any pain from whatever wounds they may have.

"You know until now I haven't felt anything, " I murmur softly as the credits roll up the screen, playing with an unpopped kernel of corn. "Have you? You know felt anything?"


try to pull the book out, I hear Annie scoff behind me as I waver on my toes.

"Instead of laughing do you think you could find me a step ladder or something?" I huff, going back down on my feet, facing her in frustration. "I'm too short."

"You do know your not a mortal right?" She sighs, levitating off of the ground. "Which book is it?"

Frowning a little, I mumble, "The black leather one."

Book in hand she comes back onto the ground, giving it to me after she blows off the thick layer of grey dust. Flipping through the pages of the book, I skim the pages quickly, skipping past the Titans that I learnt in class.

Then I find it.


He was once the brother of Cronus but he was cast into the shape of a shadow as his brother feared that his brother would try to take his power. Tenebris grew resentful of his older brother who was obsessed with his power and he disappeared.

And that's it...that's all that's written about this Tenebris.

"Well, that's not a lot of information now is it?" Annie breathes out after reading the short paragraph. "I mean who just disappears because he's resentful of his older brother who was obsessed with power?"

Biting my lower lip, I respond softly, "I think...he wants to ruin those who have power so that the Titans can rule once more."

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