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Clearly, this 'shadow' thing or person is something to be concerned about since both Annie and Demetri are both speaking in low tones to each other a little bit away from me and Oberon. Annie from what I can see out of the corner of my eye looks near hysterical and as for Demetri...let's just say he looks ready to fight Medusa with his eyes open.

Yes, he basically looks very irrational at the moment.

"Why do Daddy and Mommy look like they want to kill each other?" Oberon asks me suddenly, making me refocus my attention on him. "Did you eat Mommy's ice cream with Daddy without asking her for permission?"

Huh? "What do you mean sweetie?" I ask him curiously, following his eyes that are watching his parents carefully.

"Daddy and I did it. Mommy looked like that at the time too, "Oberon answers me softly as though he's telling me a secret. "Don't tell her I gave her ice cream to Uncle Cyberus yesterday. I promise I'll take the blame next time."

Okay...I am not going to question him...Smiling widely, I murmur softly, "No, sweetie. I don't think Mommy is angry about her disappeared ice cream. It's something to do with Uncle Hades and me."

"Oh, what happened?" He asks innocently, tilting his head to the side to look cute.

Chuckling at his attempt to use his cuteness to get information, I shake my head, "It's something little children like you won't understand."

With a small huff, the young boy runs away from me both irritated and angry that I won't tell him what's going on. Leaning back into to plush armchair that I'm in, I sigh heavily at the thought of what almost happened.

Why would anyone want to kill an innocent child?

Closing my eyes in exhaustion, I fall into a deep sleep on the chair and I find myself dreaming a nightmare. The pictures move across my eyes like a horror movie as I watch Zeus and Poseidon holding the severed head of Dominic between them with smiles on their faces.

The scene changes and

ily as his eyes fluctuating between full black and half least that's what I think his eyes are doing. "I didn't think they'd stoop so low to even put my own servants against me just to ensure their godhood."

Leaning back from his neck in concern for him, my heart breaks a little as he fights with the beast in him for control of his body. With a loud smack that resonates through the room, I sandwich his face between my palms and force him to look at me.

"Whoever is behind it will wish for death by the time your through with them, " I whisper shakily to him as his eyes end up becoming half his normal eyes and black. "However, until we can confirm who wants us dead, I need you to concentrate on saving Danny's parents so that you have an army to protect those you love. Can you do that for me?"

With a growl, Dominic's beast retreats and gives up trying to be in control. Crushing me to his chest, Dominic murmurs into my hair that he has the tears and that he will begin doing the draught tonight so that we can save his parents three days before the harvest festival.

Now...I have to find out more about this 'gift' of mine and how to figure out which one is the more likely scenario to happen.

Under no circumstances can I lose Dominic...even if it means...losing our child.

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